Lowest Playable Spec (Challenge!)

Lowest Playable Spec (Challenge!)

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Feb 27, 2018
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After a couple of years, made tweaks to enhance it on the old rig.

Launching a Unity based game in DirectX9 mode gives a dramatic performance boost (inserted in the Steam Library game properties -force-d3d9) and should be the first thing one should do on very low end machines.

Using Readyboost on a USB stick (4 Gigs) seems to help with the less than 4 Gigs of RAM (allowing to play 3 or 4 contracts before load times for everything come to a crawl).

My Nvidia settings set to low/off and VSync set to half (30 fps) with 1 CPU frame render (after a recent update the VSync is set to off, CPU frame render set to Ultra and display refresh rate fps set to 30) - it runs rather smoothly.

Sound is a huge factor with performance due to all the caching!
With a non-SSD drive, turning off ambient sounds and music helps but going as far as turning off the voices improves performance and responsiveness.

Discovered my tablet driver services were causing the game to suffer performance issues so by making a quick batch file shortcut to stop the Tablet services and then launch the game is more convenient.

Exiting the game takes longer the more missions that are run after 3+ missions exiting to Windows can take up to 5 minutes with Windows being sluggish with all the RAM being chewed up. A quick batch file shortcut running (VB files of freemem and myscript) to reclaim the memory fixes that issue nicely with a click which stops me from having to reboot to reclaim RAM.

The game can still be run on an old machine for those with limited access to better machines...fun can be had for single player...I wouldn't dare try to play multiplayer with the long load times.
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