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Second Lieutenant
May 21, 2020
1. What platform are you using? PS4
2. What version of the game are you using? Current ver 2.02
3. What DLC do you have installed? All currently released dlc is installed and active
4. When did this start happening? I just found it for the first time.
5. Can you replicate it, if so, please explain how

I do not know if it can be easily replicated. I cannot replicate it on demand because it requires rare triggers occurring near-simultaneously. It involved the probe early game missions where you find probes and when you gather them all, a few systems are auto-scanned for you. I had just finished researching the last Vultaum precursor anomaly and spawned the homeworld, and a few days later my other science ship found the final probe and triggered the reward for recovering all the data. One of the systems that was completely revealed was Vultaumar. Once I got my science ship there, the reward for finding the precursor homeworld first did not trigger. It still shows up in my situation log, and I can and have now built a outpost in the system. I cannot go to a previous save because I'm playing on ironman.

6. Does this happen on all saves or just specific ones? So far just this specific save. I suspect that it could happen on any save under the same circumstances, however.
7. What steps have you taken to try and solve this yourself (reinstall, Google error code etc)? I tried sending a science ship there anyway, but no effect. I don't know what else I can try using ironman.
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