Looking for tips on the second star kings campaign ma

Looking for tips on the second star kings campaign ma

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Jul 3, 2015
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just like it says looking for tips on the second star kings campaign map. They have over tuned it to where you have to play perfectly and just do the first? (assuming its the first) victory condition in 45 turns or less or you lose. So any tips would be appreciated

Leon Feargus

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Jun 13, 2018
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We'll, most likely it's the last map of the last expansion, so it's supposed to be a challenge. I played on extreme difficulty and had to try several times to achieve the chain of objectives before time ran out (at turn 30). The best thing you can do is make (mental) notes of the order of things. First assignment is easy to focus on but if you know what's coming next, you're going to be one step ahead. E.g. if you know you'll have to spend time producing something, get your cities ready with production exploitations.

Side note, if your secret tech is Celestian, trying to research the doctrine that repels marauders a.s.a.p. will serve you well on this map, otherwise, build up your colony defenses!


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Feb 13, 2019
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Also having an orbital relay exploitation up when finishing the cypher research really helps to reach the grail asap, as your ally will set up an orbital relay directly next to it.
What may also help is restarting the map from turn 1 instead of rolling a new one so you already know big parts of the layout, especially the location of the grail cyphers.