Looking for a mod that adds hit penalties for jumping

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Jan 27, 2011
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in the original Battletech jumping around was giving you +3 on attack.
It seems like (correct me if I'm wrong) that in the PC game there is no such penalty for jumping.

Now me and my old time Battletech friend are looking for a mod that adds these penalties.
So far I only found one: CBTMovement, which is 3y old and doesn't seem to work (game gets stuck after a shot is fired and only way out is to ALT+F4).

Does anyone here know of a mod that would help us here?

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May 3, 2005
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Demanding Jumps by Mad on Github (can't link) is the smallest scope mod that does this. Classic Battletech Behaviors or Behaviors Enhanced also on Github do more of the TT movement and heat rules. And finally the AIM settings within Custom Ammo Categories within the Custom Bundle (Github) will do this and so very much more it'll make your head spin.