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Jul 2, 2013
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So no separate forum? Good, good...

Anyway, I bought Pillars of Eternity, had lots of fun with it. White March was mostly ok. To complete everything took me 131 hours. Sad thing is that way too large chunk of it was spent on looking at loading screens. I mean seriously, from isometric RPG people are gonna expect somewhat flawless performance, meanwhile Pillars of Eternity was loading slower than all Crysis games combined and had plethora of technical difficulties at launch. Please, work on that in Tyranny. Because I would really want to play it at release.
Agree, the companion AI and the way too frequent (and long) loading screens were the 2 major technical problems of PoE. The first was lately fixed (or better say improved), but the loading screens might be a big problem for Tyrrany too