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Feb 23, 2018
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You lived the dream Good Sir. :bow:

From Kickstarter Backer (like more than 30,000 of us) to valued, crucial Harebrained Schemes employee helping your Team, Team HBS to breath Bigger, more Stompy LIFE into a game you’ve loved your entire life.

When I grow up, I want to follow your example. : )

Oh, and Uncle Eck... what does it say about me that I have played 1767 hours of BATTLETECH Beta and as of 20-minutes ago, 5663 hours of BATTLETECH?

I really liked your “Jelly Bean” link, but that means that more than 309 of my “Jelly Beans” have been spent playing BATTLETECH (and admittedly ghosting through the BATTLETECH Multiplayer Lobby or setting there with a Lobby match open, just waiting for a fellow BATTLETECH gamer to drop in and join me.)

It says to me that in my Military Retirement, I needed a Community to join...

A Community to support...

A Community to support me...

And I found it here, with you, with Team HBS and with the many, many tens of thousands of fellow BATTLETECH gamers who are the heart and soul of our BATTLETECH Community.

Your example has helped me shake off the dust of my 2013 Military Retirement and take the next steps in my Life. Just yesterday I received word that I have been accepted to the local University’s Graduate Studies Program and that I’ll be picking up a Graduate Research Assistantship in the Fall.

It looks like my future “Jelly Beans” will be largely spent somewhere other than our BATTLETECH Community.

But I’ll still be contributing here and there in the Community, just playing the game or ghosting the Multiplayer Lobby less. It is my hope that @CWolfs and @bloodydoves Patreon efforts are successful and that we all (@OathOfFealty, @Grayson Marik and I) are successful in bringing to not just BATTLETECH but to BATTLETECH Multiplayer - bloodydoves Clan Mod Pack - tweaked to best realize stable Multiplayer gameplay in support of the entire Community as well as our future BATTLETECH Challonge Clan “OPN Revival” Tournaments and Gray’s Inner Sphere Wars League.

Time and our Modding Community will tell. :bow:

My one regret... I met so much of Team HBS, @HBS_Dagger, @Havamal, @CmdrDunsail, @MeiSooHaityu and so many others at GENCON2017 and just like my pic in your collage, had a chance to grab some happy snaps of the occasion, and I even had the chance to meet Jordan. But not Mitch... not yet...

...but hey, I still have at least some Jelly Beans left and LIFE is boring with a fully completed Bucket List! : )

Thank you Chris. You really did “live your dream” and your example has helped me begin doing so to. Thanks again.

Have a great day and ever better tomorrows (Jelly Beans! : ) )
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That's a lot of jelly beans! :) I'd say you have for sure supported the community with all your efforts on the forums, discord, and tournament organizations. Thanks for everything you've done Prussian. It was great to have met you sir.

- Eck
Thanks for all you did, Eck!

I promise your Backer pilot isn't gonna wind up dead, if I have anything to say about it - nor become a barracks/infirmary-queen like Dekker. (! don't use him anymore because he seems to draw headshots like a darn magnet. How ELSE do you explain the second miss of an UAC/20 straying right through the cockpit? And no it wasn't an Orion...)
Thanks for everything! Both in general for your work on the game and personally with all the answers to about modding, Flashpoints and the game code that the community and I have pestered you with over the years. The depth and breadth of the mods we have today owe a large part to you (and other HBS employees) being as open and available to us on discord and this forum!

I still wish I had't taken that flashy DFA with my Firestarter early in our match!
Congratulations and I'm honestly happy for you. I have very much enjoyed this game and thank you very much for your contribution towards it. Quite sad it's over actually.

I was lucky enough to have your avatar as a member of "Shrike's Revengers" a pretty decent Periphery mercenary outfit. You ended up being one of my best scouts and were responsible (with my superb command assistance of course) of some pretty impressive wins despite seemingly insurmountable odds. Sadly being a scout you were invariably put in the lighter mech of the lance, and thus you heroically were lost to an improbable punch to the head by an assault mech. However your legend lives on, on the memorial wall.

Thanks again.