Living standard revert back to default after applying a template on a species


Nov 25, 2021
I changed the default Living Standard of my Human species and then , a few months later, i applied a new template on that Human species. When the project did finish, the Human specie's Living Standard has revert back to the default for that game and i'm not able to change it again - it says it can't be changed for another 8 years !!!

First, i found out the living standard have changed by chance , ie the game didnt told me that it did.

Second, i cant set it back at what it should have been left. At least if its ok for the game to reset the living standard when you apply a new template on a species, the game should also reset the 10 years counter for that change.
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Jan 26, 2019
sounds like you changed it in the wrong place which is easy to do

the top right is all beings in your empire and the true 'default' but yes the game can also change them because an edid passes that calls for a new default... in which case you get a pop up asking if you will allow this and answer yes = the change is done [unless some people are already being changed in which case it bugs out]