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Oct 5, 2008
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I had done that, but everything was just fine before the 1.5 update, now it is giving me numbers. Both of the numbers in the upper right are slightly off from one another. For an expinsive monitor, it's still a pile of junk. Wont go beyond 60mhz. I will have to try an older monitor and see if that works. My computer also likes to shut down the screen, but I can still hear the games being played. The cooling unit starts to rev up and the machine is making allot of noise when it happens, but the place that built it says that the computer is fine. I will be taking it to another computer shop and have them look at it. The only things that seem to work are the keyboard, speakers and the mouse:D:D:D. Gotta start with the good and work from there;););)
Um, frames and mhz and two different things.

Frames is how many images per second a video game generates and sends to the monitors - the quality of the monitor has zero impact on this.

Mhz are, IIRC, the refresh rate of images per second a monitor is capable of.

As far as I am aware while it is pointless to have frame rate exceeding a monitor's mhz capability, 60 frames per second is perfectly adequate for most gaming purposes for most gamers.
(At competive E-Sports levels for some games you might find actually players who benefit from higher frame rates and ultra-low latencies in a significant manner)

The screen going dark and cooling fan starting up sounds like Windows trying enter an energy saving mode of some kind (The screen going dark) then realizing that there something actually running and starting everything again.


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Jan 3, 2018
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Um, frames and mhz and two different things.
FPS and MHz are indeed two completely different things.

Hz = Hertz = one cycle per second
MHz = megahertz = one million cycles per second
60 MHz = 60 million cycles per second

FPS = Frames per second
60 FPS = 60 frames per second

The monitor refreshes at a rate six orders of magnitude faster than the game can send a new image to the monitor - or if you will, each image the game sends to the monitor will be refreshed a million times before the next one arrives.

Edit: I just realized that monitors refresh in Hz, not MHz :) Still, the FPS (images from graphics card) and the refresh rate of the monitor (number of times the image is refreshed) do not need to be synced.

Edit 2: Actually, it's a bit more complicated (isn't it always?). If your game and graphics card can put out more FPS than your monitor refresh rate, you might get screen tearing. If your monitor refresh rate is higher than the FPS you are getting, you're good (and you may be good the other way around too, e.g. if you get 60 FPS on a 30 Hz monitor, all that happens is that every other frame gets skipped)
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Mar 12, 2018
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The screen going dark and cooling fan starting up sounds like Windows trying enter an energy saving mode of some kind (The screen going dark) then realizing that there something actually running and starting everything again.

I will be taking it back to where I got it and see about having them fix that issue. The screen goes blank when it is in the Graphics card, but when the monitor is plugged into the motherboard, even after it goes all wonky with the fan and noise, the screen is still working. Ohh well. If they dont fix it, I'll ask for my money back and get a walmart special that actually meets all the requirements. Much appriciated, never would have thought about the programs running around like Hulk a maniacs;););)

As for my monitor, it is a Benq RL Series, 60hz.