List of dynasties with multiple playable characters

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Sep 21, 2020
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Suppose you want to start a multiplayer game with more than two players. Perhaps you feel like it would be fun to all play characters of the same dynasty so that you can each form your own cadet branch and compete for dynasty head or work together for the good of said dynasty. Perhaps you just want to abuse dynasty mechanics such as reknown gain for legacies and calling all dynasty members to war. Problem is, there aren't a lot of dynasties for which this is possible at either of the start dates and it's even harder to find them. Fear not however, for I have managed to compile an exhaustive list of dynasties that have 3+ playable characters at game start for both start dates to spare you all the trouble.

I made this list to see all the options for same-dynasty multiplayer playthroughs with friends. I figured I would share because I imagine there are more people that play like this or think it would be fun to do so. You will find the Excel sheet containing the list in the attachments. (I'm not allowed to add links to Google docs apparently.)

The sheet includes the number of playable rulers that the dynasty has, along with their tier (count/duke/king/emperor). They are grouped by religion and their faith is given as well. Also included are the realms in which they are situated or the de jure kingdom/empires they are in if they are independent counts/dukes. There are notes for some dynasties. These notes include the characters being far apart (scattered), that a character has a liege with a hostile faith, and that characters will inherit a higher title. An example of the last is one count of the Umayyad dynasty that will inherit a kingdom from his father the caliph as a non-primary heir because of partition.

I will explain the process for those who are interested. First, I went to the character finder. I filtered for landed rulers and sorted by rank. Then I filtered for a culture or religion. Next, I clicked on the dynasties of each landed ruler above barony tier and clicked on show all members. Here, I filtered for landed rulers again and ignored republican/theocratic rulers. The result is a list of characters from that dynasty that are landed count+ tier rulers and are thus playable. For every dynasty with more than two playable characters, I checked to see if any characters were the primary heirs of one of the other characters. If this was the case, I checked if this would change if a new child was born into that line of succession. Situations that are often seen are a father and a firstborn son both being landed, which would result in game over for the father when he dies (if both are controlled by player), so I didn't count the characters that stand to inherit the primary title of another character of the dynasty. Another situation often seen is N number of brothers who are each other's heirs. These are counted for the list because this problem will be solved when they get children. That said, it is possible that this results in a game over if these characters die prematurely, so restarts might be needed in rare cases.

I hope you enjoy bringing greatness to your dynasty with your trusted companions. If by any chance you spot another eligible dynasty (though I think I got all of them), please let me know. I hope to update the list as updates bring new characters or familiar relations or whatever.


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