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I was playing a custom necromancer character in a recent multiplayer campaign and decided to make him a lich. So far I staved off the decay with regular Daedric favours, but I actually wanted to embrace undeath fully down the line after setting up my empire.

Now here's the problem: I actually did load up the save in singleplayer and fired the event for the final stage of lich decay because I wanted to see what culture would be applied to my character and the result was... disappointing to say the least.

Becoming a full-on undead characters locks you into the Undead Horde government (i.e. the government type the Frozen Horde in Atmora uses), which means you're completely blocked from handing out any titles at all. Which seems counterintuitive at best in a game centered around vassal management.

I would understand if this was a special government the player wasn't even supposed to have access to, if it was supposed to be only for AI, but that's the problem: If you decide to become undead (and as a necromancer you can), you will be locked into this government type and unable to ever reform out of it - the feudalism/republic decisions are available to you, but you revert to Undead Horde straight away.

I don't know if it's possible to add a "can only land characters with Undead trait" limitation to the government type instead of completely prohibiting handing out land, but wouldn't a good alternative be to just decouple the goverment lock from being undead? Have the Frozen Horde start with Undead Horde, but let any liches turning undead keep their original government?