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Crickett<br>Pieces Interactive
Oct 24, 2004
The Replay System: Share your battles!

Welcome to the fifth part of the Leviathan: Warships development diary. This week I will focus on on our replay system. It is one of our coolest features and enables you to save and share your battles easily with other players.

This time I will not spam you with lots of pictures, and instead I have prepared two videos that show the replay system in action. So how does replays work?

Every turn in every game of Leviathan: Warships is archived on our server. The turns are downloaded every time you connect to a game. So when a game is finished, it's easy for
us to give players an option to save the the game so they can share it with other players. Every replay gets a unique ID which enables you to easily share the replay with other Leviathan: Warships players.

It is easy and really helpful when analyzing strategies in a match and I wish more games would implement this feature. We would like to expand the mode in future game updates,
like to add the ability to see the player / enemy viewing cones so you really can see what the other players see.

Let's watch some replays!


This is a 1 vs. 1 Versus Assassination match. I control the camera and are using fraps to capture video and sound. In Assassination, each player gets a flagship. When a players flagship is sunk, the player looses. In versus team matches, the team that looses all their flagships looses. We see many armaments in use here including Artillery (even though it's not very useful in this match), Rocket Batteries, Stealth Mines and Cloaking. It's a real close match where Cloaking proved to be the winning strategy.


This is a 1 vs. 2 Versus Assassination match. We started the match to verify some bug fixes but it quickly turned rather serious! In 1 vs. 2 matches, the player that is alone get double the amount of points as the other players so in theory, all players should be equal. The player that is alone also get two flagships, so they can loose one and still keep playing.

As we aptly demonstrate, the flagships have a kauser on them that might seem weak but can be the most important armament in the match! Also I win, which is very important! :)

A match that takes 40 minutes in real life actually is over fairly quickly when you watch the turns back-to-back. I am looking forward to see some of the awesome replays the community will create!