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Oct 24, 2004
Arm your ships: Introducing the armaments of Leviathan: Warships

Welcome to the fourth part of the Leviathan: Warships development diary. This week I will focus on the different armaments you can choose from when building your ships. We have many types of armaments and I will go through each type. To find out even more details (and stats) about each armament, you will have to buy the game. :)

After each armament name I will write the size of the armament and what type of battery it requires.
So for example: Barbosa (2x2 O) means it takes up 2x2 hardpoints of the Offensive type.

See the previous development diary how this might be useful.


The Kauser (1x1) is a jack-of-all-trades offensive armament that can be used for both close combat and medium range engagements. If the enemy is heavily armored it will have some problems doing damage, but it is an essential (and very cheap) addition to any ship if you have space available.

The Pegasus (3x3 O) is a heavy hitter. Like all 3x3 armaments, if used correctly, they can win a match very quickly. The Pegasus is a long range offensive armament and to be used correctly, you should bring scouting support ahead of your main ship for the Pegasus to be used optimally.

The Barbosa (2x2 O) is a very valuable armament in medium-range engagements. It is in fact one of your primary armaments during the single player campaign so that is a testament to is usefulness. It is very effective at tearing through Marauder scum. Almost like a shotgun, it fires multiple shots that each does a good amount of damage to all enemies.


The Beamgun (1x1 O) fires a close-range beam against any ships that dares to get too close. The longer it stays in contact with the enemy ship, the more damage it does. It can be a dangerous armament when used in conjunction with a Cloak Generator. It is also highly useful for larger ships that only have heavy armaments on them, for defensive purposes. Equipping them in blind spots is recommended.


The Railgun (3x3 O) is fearsome and if used correctly, it can inflict massive damage. You can only use manual targeting for this armament so its usefulness very much skill based. You have to take into account both the enemy movements and your own ship when firing this armament. It can penetrate multiple ships if aimed correctly, even though the damage is reduced for each ship hit.


The Artillery (3x3 O) is a powerful support armament that requires good scouting support to be able to aim well. It fires in a high arc so it is possible to hit ships hidden behind islands for example. You can manually target with this armament if you feel you are skilled enough. Along with Stealth Mines, they do the highest amount of damage in the game.

Rocket Battery

The Rocket Battery (2x2 O) is a great way to damage the armaments on enemy ships. It is a very powerful tactic to knock out powerful enemy armaments like the Railgun or and Artillery. Is has a pretty good range, so it is a useful armament to soften up enemies with before engaging with your other armaments. It also travels in an arc like the Artillery, so it is useful for targeting enemies hidden behind cover (or shields). You only have a limited amount of missiles per game though, so be sure to use them wisely.


The Stealth Mines (1x2 D) is one of the hardest hitting armaments in the game and you really do not want to hit one with your ship. Stealth Mines are invisible until you get close to them. Usually when you see them, it is too late to stop your ship. If you have a radar, you can detect all stealth mines on the map but they are only visible during the radar sweep so you still have to remember where they are!

The Decoy Ships (1x2 D) are special inflatable ships that offensive armaments of enemy ship automatically target. The Decoy Ships can soak up some damage before they are destroyed. They are an excellent (and much cheaper) way to absorb damage than using a shield for example.

The Smoke Grenades (1x2 D) are another way to confuse your opponent and avoid taking damage. The resulting smoke blocks all vision and is an excellent way to hide ships or mines.

The Vision Probes (1x2 D) is a very cheap way to maintain vision across a large area. You simply launch a buoy that acts as a static scouting ship; bring vision to areas where you have no ships.

The Monster Munchers (1x2 D) are perhaps the strangest addition to the armaments for your ships. It is deeply rooted in the lore of the world where sea serpents are a common occurrence for the ships braving the seas. When you use a Monster Muncher you launch a device that attracts a giant sea serpent that does area damage and slows ships. It is quite dangerous and is to be avoided at all costs. It works more like a defensive armament and can be highly useful blocking of small passages when chased.


The Shield (2x2 D) is a very powerful defensive armament that increases ship survivability significantly. A shield can only be deployed in one direction at a time and when deployed, the direction cannot be changed. A shield only lasts for a limited time and damage to it reduces how long it stays active. It might sound like harsh conditions for using the shield but they are still very useful. And they are sometimes critical, for surviving a barrage of incoming fire from enemy ships. A more expensive shield, The Heavy Shield (2x2 D), is available which increases the amount of damage it can absorb but also increases the cooldown until you can use it again.

Cloak Generator

The Cloak Generator (2x2 D) makes your ship completely invisible. Taking any damage or firing your armaments breaks this effect. If used correctly, you can set up devastating ambushes against your enemies or perhaps use it to escape engagements that you might otherwise loose.


The Radar (2x2 D) is a very powerful way to find hidden mines or cloaked ships. It can also display the location of ships not currently in your field of vision. You can only do a radar ping every couple of turns and when you do, all opponents is notified about it. Let the mind games begin.

Those are all of our armaments. The combinations are endless and we are all looking forward to seeing how you all come up with new tactics using them all. In the next development diary, I will go through the replay system of Leviathan: Warships!

If you have any questions, I’ll try and answer them below.
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They interact with each other?
For example, the shield affect how I can use my weapons?
The beamgun make less damage on cloaked ships?