Letter from CEO - How to start using green energy


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Jan 21, 2020
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We just received a letter from the CEO telling us that it would be good to start using green energy to save both money and the environment!

How do we build a prison running on green power? Luckily the CEO also sent us a beginners guide on how to set up solar panels!

Step 1:
First, we need to place the solar panels in a good location. To unlock the next green power sources (Turbines), you will need to place three solar panels. Additionally, to unlock hybrid energy, you will need to place three turbines.


Step 2:
After the solar panels are placed, we need a transformer to convert the solar power to energy!


You can also rotate the transformer by pressing R, you will see arrow indicators change and indicate which way the power will flow.


Step 3:
We connect each row of the solar panel to their separate transformer. Now we have power to different sections of the prisons and further on we can start exporting energy. If you are looking to get out even more power, you can connect all the rows of solar panels to a single transformer to boost the output.


Step 4:
When we finally get some green power, we can connect the transformer's power lines to the area that needs electricity! You can find how much units of power that is produced and required on the tooltip by hovering over the transformer.


Step 5:
To store the energy, we need to get some batteries, so we still have power when the night comes! Each battery is charging slowly, but sooner than you know you will have a lot of energy stored!


Step 6:
It's time to add a Power Export Meter to one of the transformers to start exporting some electricity and making some money! Power will only be exported at the end of the day, and as such the power export value will only appear within the finance menu on the day after the export.

That's all! Great work, wardens! It's time to continue building and waiting for the next letter from the CEO with new instructions!