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Hello my friends! Welcome to the latest YouTube series for PDS games! In this game, I'll be playing at Uesugi, one of the Japanese Daimyos in EU IV: Mandate of Heaven. Our goal is to be able to unite Japan (someday), perhaps attaining the Mandate of Heaven for ourselves! (As a special bonus, we will be playing with Hungary in HOI IV as soon as the new content pack comes out!)

I will post videos here four times a week: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday. The first episode will be Monday, May 1, 2017.

For those interested, I have all EUIV DLC except El Dorado, Mare Nostrum, and most of the content packs.

Table of Contents

Episode #1
Episode #2
Episode #3
Episode #4
Episode #5
Episode #6
Episode #7
Episode #8
Episode #9
Episode #10
Episode #11
Episode #12
Episode #13
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Glad to see Uesugi won and that you're off to a good start. One day Japan will be united.

Watching this reminds me of out of touch I am with EUIV. Most of the new features you're noticing I've never seen yet either, so it's quite the experience seeing them in action.
Pictures replace words
Summer's arrows fly as swift
To Heaven's Mandate
I may or may not have found myself talking and pointing at the screen when you were looking for how to assign provinces to estates. :p

If you're opening up the way for viewers to name rulers, you should name one Katashi. It's the name I used for a character in an iAAR, so it'd be cool to see him in your game. If he happens to take up taxidermy as a hobby, all the better. :D
If you don't want to risk a coalition forming, it might be wise to raise relations with your neighbours and to forge claims on the provinces you want before declaring war. Usually there is a relations threshold that nations consider when joining a coalition, so if you keep them happy enough they won't join. As for claims, if you at least give the appearance that the province should be yours, everyone will be less angry when you take it.
I've recorded past this, but never realized that getting claims would have reduced AE. I just treated them as ways to get a CB, and with Sengoku, I could declare war on anyone I wanted. Kudos, Michaelangelo!

Yeah, it's not really something that's too obvious unless you pay attention to aggressive expansion. According to the wiki, you'll get 50% AE for taking claimed provinces with the Sengoku CB.
Just to let you know, there isn't any limit on development, the cost just gets higher the more development a province has. It's possible to see provinces reach as high as 50 development or more in total, mostly in Italy where there are lots of small nations building up their one or two provinces.
I believe the feature you're wondering about is the ability to designate land as provinces of interest. It can be found in the same spot where you found favours, just for your own nation. You can then select provinces you have an interest in. The AI should take those into consideration when signing peace treaties when you're fighting alongside them. The AI is also more likely to give you land that you have cores or claims on. Of course, the AI is incredibly fickle and I find they rarely hand anything over.
I'm curious to see how the unification of Japan plays out now that the Ashikaga shogun has been toppled by Yamata.

I always pick the same native policy as you did for the same reason. It's a much more pleasant experience to not have to garrison your colonies in case of pesky native attacks.
Woot, a shout-out. Glad my advice helped. :)

Ming eyeing up your new colony is a bit concerning. That'd be a very tough war to win if they choose to pursue that claim.
If you want to simplify the process of designating countries as interesting, you can right click on their flag and it'll give you the option to do so for that country. Also, if you're looking for a decent way to save a ducat or two, you can mothball your fleet when not using it, or send off those barques to trade or explore.

Typical AI, never handing over even a scrap of land to their allies, even when they promise to. :rolleyes:

In the last episode, either the music was too loud in the background or your mic wasn't turned up enough because I found it hard to hear you, just so you know.