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Jan 3, 2010
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Ever wanted to learn Victoria 2 but found it intimidating? Your wait is at an end! I'll be playing Vicky 2 on my YouTube channel as Prussia, explaining how the game works. Will we form Germany? Will we unseat the UK as the #1 nation? Will I forget something critical at the worst possible moment? We will see!

Videos will go up at 8 AM CDT Tuesday and Thursday. I'll post links when I remember (which I probably won't) here. Feel free to ask questions or comment, and I'll address them here or in a video. The first two episodes are already recorded, so I can't answer any questions in a video just yet, but I can and will in print format (and perhaps in a future video)!

Episode #1 will be 17 April.
Are you sure this isn't Professor Avindian's guide to Victoria 2? :p

Go Tribe!
Pleased to see plenty of views even though I forgot to post here, so here's Episode #3:

And, so I don't forget again, here's Episode #4 (which will be available approximately two hours after I click "Post Reply"):

Time to get people caught up! Here are Episodes #8 and #9.

A somewhat ignominious end due to serious problems with the way crises work, but a new series is already running!