Let us decide how much land will released nation receive.

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Jun 4, 2015
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Alright, this is a small one, and has probably been suggested before.

It would be nice if we could decide which provinces are given to countries released through the peacedeal.

Not only would this option allow us to keep some of the warscore for ourselves while releasing some nation with a lot of cores, but it would also help with resolving one particularly notorious bug happening when you're trying to release a country with cores on at least two war belligerents, e.g. if you try to release Galicia-Volhynia from Poland-Lithuania, Red Ruthenians will only receive their cores in Lithuania despite you paying the whole bunch of warscore to release a big, juicy Galicia-Volhynia. Why is this bug still around anyway? Did no one report it?

EDIT: Oh, I also realised that it would improve releasing a vassal - sometimes you feel like releasing some country but you already have cores on part of its territories and you don't want to give them up.
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Also I would want there to be an option that the released country should form an immediate vassal. That is by all means a historical thing.
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