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Jan 12, 2000
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Lepanto (scenario) Third and last anti-Ottoman War. The Turkish SuperPower crumbles.

Country: Venice

Difficulty / A.I aggressivness: Normal / Normal (I like play like this 90% of the time)

Continued Year: 1545

Part 1 - The 3rd Anti-Turk War.

This aar is in 2 parts. The first part deals with my third and last (hopefully) war against the Ottoman Turks, followed by various snippets from stuff that was happening around the world after the war. During this time Venice and its allies are totally at peace and their power is growingly phenominally. At the end there's a statistics report as in the last AAR.

September 1545. The Commonwealth (Venice / Hungary) aquires multiple monopolies, in COT's of Genoa, Venice and Wien (Austria). Our profits are skyrocketting, Venetian merchants flood most trade centers around Europe. In 1546 two powerful alliances expire. That is Venice with (Poland, Wallacia, Moldavia, Iraq, Persia) and the Turk one (Crimea, England, etc)

The Commonwealth immediately re-issues invitations to the leaving alliances members and Poland, Iraq and Persia agree to rejoin immediately. However, luck is not so fortunate for the Ottoman Turks. As of 1546 they are without formal allies. The hour to strike at the heart of the super-power is at hand! The Commonwealth declares war on the Turks in February of 1547, with Poland (and the other allies) firmly backing the war.

a) Venetian armies together flood into the Balkans but are immediately defeated by large Turkish forces and forced to flee on 3 separate occasions. We must await our Polish allies so we can deal more effectively with the Turks. By the end of 1547 massive Polish armies arrive in the Balkans annihilating several Turkish armies and capturing Kosovo and Bulgaria in December. This gives Venice enough lee-way to flood Turkish Macedonia in force.

b) With 1/2 the Balkans under foreign occupation and Turkish armies busy in the Middle East battling against Iraqis and Persians, Venetian commanders order to march onto the very heart of the Ottoman Turk empire: Constantinople. A 47,000 man Venetian army invades the province without meeting any opposition and encamps beneath its walls. A rapid siege is ordered.

c) In the Middle East, meanwhile, the Persians capture Sivas and the Iraqis storm Damaskus in Syria. Damaskus has been under foreign occupation at least 5 times on and off for nearly the last 15 years. The city has lost most of its previous significance and power.

June 1548 and onwards.

a) Turks capture Mosul and re-capture Damaskus. A 109,000 Polish army assaults Corinthia (Morea) and is captured at the end of June. On almost the same day hundreds of km's north-west, the Venetian army storms and captures Constantinople, the capital of Ottoman power. 90% of Turkish land north / north west of Constantinople is now under Polish / Venetian hands. However this is offset by slow but definite Turkish gains in the Middle-East.

b) Polish cavalry regiments are moving as far as Anatolia and Angora as well as Syria in the Middle-East! They seem to be landing a hand to the hard-pressed Iraqi and Persian allies slowly giving way to superior Turkish manpower. The Turks flood into Iraq, storm Kirkusk and slaughter its civilian population in December of 1548. Whilst a Polish army with Persian/Iraqi support captures Damaskus. The 3rd time the city has changed hands only in this war! The Poles are given control of the city and immediately install a huge garrison force.

c) Persian troops march through Constantinople and into Greece. Here they combine with Polish armies to capture Naxos, whilst Varna (Rumelia) is finally captured by Venetian armies (after 6+ months siege and the loss of over 60% of their forces) after Polish armies arrive and lend a hand in the storming. Venetians lose over 15,000 dead and wounded in this 6 month siege + 1/2 of their field artillery pieces. It is the hardest and bloodiest assault on a city yet in this war for Venice. Without Polish help it would have cost another 5,000+ lives.

The Ottoman Empire is in chaos. Their armies are in shreds, their cities in flames, their citizens under foreign occupation. Poland decides to deal independantly with the Turks and here they achieve a huge diplomatic success. The Turkish envoys must except humiliating and expensive concessions to the Poles: Turkey pays 197c in indemnities to the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and the Poles also take: Morea, Bulgaria and Syria from the Turks in August of 1549! The war is not over yet however.

d) Kosovo is captured by Persian/Venetian soldiers in March of 1550. A month later after incessant begging from Turkish envoys, Venice agrees on peace talks. The Mediterranean Commonwealth demands secession of Kosovo and Bulgaria. This is agreed to. As a result of this devastating peace only Bosnia and several coastal provinces of the Western Black Coast are left in Turkish hands (Rumelia, Bejak etc).

Turkish strength has been crushed. Poland has control of provinces in Greece, the Balkans and Syria. Venice controls over 75% of the former Turkish Balkan provinces.

Part 2. Other happenings.

1550 - Kazan declares war on the Golden Horde

In July of 1551, Muscovy takes advantage of this situation and declares war on Kazan with support from Denmark. The capital of Kazan is stormed and captured by Muscovite forces in November of 1551. Kazan is in flames invaded from North and South however they manage to deal admirably with the Horde. In the subsequent peace with the G.H Kazan annexes Bogutjar and immediately asks for a cease-fire with the advancing Muscovites in exchange for 250 and the secession of Lipetsk to Russia. This is agreed upon.

Wallacia asks us to join them in a Royal Marriage. We accept. In January of 1553 Wallacia becomes a Venetio-Hungarian vassal. Moldovia on the other hand is becoming increasingly hostile towards us whilst maintaining ever friendlier relations with Moscow.

September 1553. Sweden (together with Turkey / England and Crimea) declares war on Denmark and its ally Muscovy. In November a Swedish army invades and captures Skane. In the next two years Danish armies fight despite insurmountable odds against the Swedes giving them several thrashings and occupying several western areas, whilst Muscovites armies in the east fight to a standstill against Swedish forces in Far Karelia and other provinces. Massive Turkish and English fleets control the seas off Denmark destroying any Danish shipping they meet.

In February of 1555 Sweden and (Denmarks ally) Muscovy sign a cease-fire with a return to status quo. Denmark losses its only ally. Swedish armies are now allowed to move south away from their eastern borders and to the west into Bergslagen and other Swedish provinces under Danish attack or occupation. The Swedes are slowly turning the tide in this war by May of 1555. Meanwhile..

Event: Venice has an exceptional year in trading and growth. Double tax incomes for the next 12 months.

December 1555. Sweden throws out occupying Danish armies in its western provinces and takes on the offensive into Jamtland and Trondelag. Danish soldiers are reeling back outmanned, outgunned and totally exhausted. Meanwhile an English expaditionary force (ally of Sweden) lands in Jylland and after a month siege storms and captures Aalborg in march of 1556. Denmark is crumbling right before the ever watchfull eyes of Venetian spies. The Mediterranean Commonwealth decides to offer a loan to Denmark as it is in its best interests to maintain a strong Denmark, whilst hindering Turkish / English and Swedish advances. This is especially important in the cases of England and Turkey. These two countries have been joint allies against me for quite some time. Denmark accepts the loan immediately. This leads to a quick peace with Sweden on the grounds that Denmark hands over Narvik and 250 ducats in indemnities. This peace is a humiliating insult to Swedish military prowess in this war. Had it not been for me intervention Sweden / along with England and Turkey would completley occupied Denmark.

A job well done I should say!

Stats as of: 1555-1556 (March)

Basic Victory Points.

Battles 8.
Diplomacy 138.
Discoveries 0.
Economy 107.
Establishm. 0.
Missions 0.
Peace Resolut. 75.

328 Total.



Direct Taxes (1555) 155d, (1556m) 0d.
Export Duty 54d, 9d.
Interests 0d, 157d. 63%
Merchant Fees 60d, 10d.
Production 79d, 13d.
Taxation 249d, 52d. 21%
Trade 51d, 8d.

Total 649d (1555), 250d (1556m)



Army Maintenance (1555) 46d, (1556m)9d.

Building Fleets 132d, 77d.
Fleet Maintenance 40d, 8d.

Merchants 49d, 0d.

Raising Armies 116d, 103d.

Total 383d (1555), 197d (1556m)

* some classes missing as per before.


Total losses

Infantry: 211,167
DT(Combat): 104,176
DT(Attrit): 107,091

Cavalry: 13,007
DTC : 4,910
DTA : 8,097

Artillery: 278
DTC : 73
DTA : 205



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Apr 3, 2000
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Indeed a job well done, Sapura!

Hmm, one thing I find a little odd is the tendency of the AI to accept isolated provinces in the peace treaties. What interest does Poland have in owning Syria, which is completely cut off from the mother nation? Why did the Teutonic Order want with Savolaks in your Swedish AAR?

I think it would be more reasonable of the AI to demand gold instead.



Jan 12, 2000
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I dislike that sort of thing myself, however in this case: Poland has completely rebuilt Damaskus / the Syrian province and a COT has popped up there 6 months after the Poles took control of the area. So the a.i is doing something positive with this sort of setup.



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May 4, 2000
Do you have Colonist now?

Is you lack of Colnist due to the fact this is a scenario rather than the Grand Campaign?

What are the Difference between playing a Scenario and the Grand Campaign in reality? I realize that the starting date will frequently be different but aside from that.

Good AAR BTW, brought some different things to light.


CatAARstroph1c moderator
Apr 26, 2002
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Can we see an update ?

4 1/2 years since the last update and the writer is banned? I think you can safely put this one in the "Never to be finished" file.


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Apr 4, 2003
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I rather think that you are reacting somewhat adversely to Scythian's humourous postings. His comment that 'he did not finish his AAR' was meant to be taken in jest and preferably not with the slightly furious and indignant reaction that has ensued since...

I hope this little dispute can be patched up, as I look forward to when Sapura returns and updates this most excellent AAR.


CatAARstroph1c moderator
Apr 26, 2002
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Goldstein said:
Anyone know what this guy did?

All that needs to be said is that he was banned and will not be back.

Sultan Of Swing said:
so i might as well remove it from my subscriptions, then

Well since the last entry in this AAR occurred three years before you joined...

Other entries posted here today were removed...
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