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Jul 26, 2009
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Hi everyone. This is my first AAR so don't hate me TOO much if I suck(Or when). Please critisize when I do something wrong.
I'm gonna play from 1399. I'm using the awesome and perfect mod Whole World Mod.

These are my goals

*Control Scandinavia
*Control Iceland, Greenland, Orkney, Faroe and Shetland
*Control Germany
*Control Russia

These are my settings:
Difficulty: Normal
Lucky nations: Random
Everything else: Default

Also, some house rules:
*Don't reload if it goes wrong.
*Don't DOW nations far away just for war taxes.

Also, I would like to thank Range for inspiring me too write this AAR

That would be all, so here we go:
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Chapter 1: Lappland och Gotland.

Karl looked out from his window at the great forests and Stockholm. His beautiful Sweden, controlled by the danish. He couldn't let it last. He had to
find some way to expel them, to make a Swede King of Sweden again. Perhaps not today, not tomorrow but someday. For now, he had to tolerate their presence.
He sat down at his desk again, trying to find something to keep his mind off the danish. He remembered something. Lappland has not yet been conquered, and
the native Lapps would seem to be friendly. Though this would put a strain on the economy as the colony wouldn't be able to sustain itself, they would have to claim it before the Norwegians. He exited the small room and went down the stairs and out the door. He opened the coach and said to the Coachman: ''To Östergötland Peter, and hurry''. The coachman drew out his whip and whipped the horses. ''How long until we arrive?'' Karl asked impatiently. Peter answered calmly: ''It will be another day or two, sir''

Finally the coach stopped at the small house. Karl exited quickly and went into the house. It was Koloni-kompaniet, the company responsible for discovering
uncharted land and colonizing unclaimed land. It had not been able to grow as the Danish king had suppressed all swedish colonies. It had been turned into
a grocer now. The bell rang as Karl entered. The owner came out from the back with a bowl of tomatoes. When he saw who had entered he dropped the bowl in
pure awe. ''Good day Lars'' Karl said. ''G-good d-d-day my l-lord'' the owner stuttered out. He was afraid that the danish king had sent him to punish him.
He was relieved when Karl said: ''I'm presenting to you a offer, I can make this a great company again if only you do not tell the danish king about it or
you can keep your small grocer and never rise above the status of a simple shop owner'' About half a second passed before Lars answered : ''Of course, I accept
where is it you want to go?'' ''Not me, but other people who are willing to go somewhere else. Lappland. I want a 100 people gathered and ready to leave by tomorrow''
Karl answered. ''But sir, that is impossible'' Lars tried to convince the Duke ''Tomorrow''Karl insisted calmly. He left the house before more protests started.
''Home?'' the coachman asked. ''Yes, I have some things to take care off in Stockholm''

The next day 100 people had set off to lappland. In the case of the lapps rebelling, 1000 men were there to protect the settlers. The expedition were a success,
and the lapps soon recognised the Swedish settlers to be the rightful owners of Lappland.

Once again the coach stopped and Karl jumped off it. He threw a ducat over to Peter ''Heres your payment. Don't waste it''. As he went up the stairs and sat down at his desk
he started writing a letter.

'' To General Mikael

As you perhaps know, I am planning on breaking off Sweden from the Kalmar union. But the danes might come for revenge once we do so. We need a proper army
and I wish you to raise 7,000 men for the army. This should keep them at bay.

Signed/ Duke of Uppland, Karl Johan Stenbock''


The first word in a letter sent from denmark. They had declared war against Hamburg, a german city-state.. Scandinavia was now at war with the holy roman empire.
''Gotland!'' he shouted out of nothing. His advisor Per asked ''What do you mean my lord?''. Karl rushed out and fetched a map of Scandinavia. ''Gotland has many
swedes on it, but is owned by the barbaric teutons. The people there have been longing for a return to us, but all revolts have failed. If we blockade the island from teutons
which are in the war, the rebellion might succeed'' ''I'l inform the Admiral milord''
Per said and left for the harbour.

On the 12 of november 1410, the rebel leader Gustav Tre Rosor turned over all control to the Swedish crown. Gotland was free, and would never fall under Teuton control again.
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Tackar tackar.
Thanks for the credit.

But, I have to thank you for helping me out. It would be nearly impossible to continue playing (if not writing the AARs), without knowing someone actually liked what you're doing.

And, you're off to a great start. Just take your time and keep having fun.
Thanks for the credit.

But, I have to thank you for helping me out. It would be nearly impossible to continue playing (if not writing the AARs), without knowing someone actually liked what you're doing.

And, you're off to a great start. Just take your time and keep having fun.

True, true.. :)

And what's up with Denmark in between late 1399 - mid 1400?hahaha War hungry? Almost every game I play, it declares war anytime between that period.

What mod are you using? i like the map. does it change the gameplay?
It says in the post: Whole World Mod.
I'l think about that. Btw I really like your Assam AAR.
Okay, I won't form Scandinavia.

Det är mer danskarnas stil.
And, just why wouldn't you form Scandinavia...And, how would it ruin Sweden? Never mind...I understand...dah! You must forgive me I had very little sleep last night.

I may have made a heretic of myself before the new Prince Elector.
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Because the other readers don't want me to do that.
Oh, yeah readers...we need them. I have to handed to you you're always thinking ahead Nodscouterr.

And, Enewald you're right too...there has to an order of progression...Sweden Forever.
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Chapter 2: Preperations
During the war, the Danish king died on the battlefield, with an arrow through his right eye. This event gave Karl and the other nobles enough time to elect a new king: Sigismund
I. He quickly made peace with the enemy and started planning for a war aganist Denmark-Norway.

Karl opened the thick doors and walked in. ''My king, now that we are free from the danes I have an idea that could make sure
that we win over the danes in the coming war'' ''I am listening Karl'' the king responded. ''We must create an navy to hold Öresund while we take Scania,
this will be made far easier if we adopt Press gangs. Furthermore, we should direct 7,000 men against Norway as they are the only ones that can threaten us
if we hold up the Öresund blockade. If we use this strategy, there should be no way for us to lose the war'' ''Excellent, once again you prove yourself
to be my most able advisor. I shall start the necessary preparations for the war'' ''Thank you mi lord''

The next day the harbours all over the country were busy creating strong carracks. ''So admiral, how long until the new carracks are ready?'' Karl asked
''It will most certainly take another year, you will have to be patient Karl, the danes will still be there when the boats are finished'' the admiral answered
''Yes, unfortunately...'' Karl mumbled back.

''General!'' Karl called the man to his desk. ''Yes, sir?'' he responded. ''We need to tighten up the quality of our army, make sure that we have the best
soldiers for the war. You will need to tighten up who gets in the army and who don't. Perhaps you need to declare some of them unfit for duty. Like these
guards you have with you right now for example'' The guards looked at eachother schocked. ''But milord...'' one of the guards began. The general ignored him
and answered to Karl ''I will do as you command'' and walked out the door with the two guards.

As he sat by his desk Karl heard something from outside. He quickly pushed the chair away and looked out the window. A coach had arrived,
with a Swedish ensign on it. The admiral himself jumped off it. Karl rushed down to the street. ''Admiral, what are you doing here?'' he asked.
''The ships are ready my lord, they will sail when you command'' ''So everythings set? We're ready for the war?'' ''Yes, I would seem so
All that's left is your word to send the declaration of war to Denmark'' ''Very well''he paused for a moment, thinking about the plan. Finally he
said ''Send the diplomat, may god have mercy on his soul''
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