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How about ‘genetic_mother’ instead? More precise. ‘Real mother’ in English carries a heavy load of meanings, in some circumstances signifying that any other person claiming that title is not the real mother.

(My own take is that the person who lovingly raises a child is the real parent. Sometimes that’s also the genetic parent, sometimes not.)
I'd be perfectly fine with that and I agree that you don't have to be the biological parent to be the real parent.

I just suggested the term real_mother as there already exist the term real_father in the code (used for storing the identity of the biological father when it's not public information). As real_father can hold the kids biological father separate from the recognized father, a similar scope for mothers would be useful in the case of adoption.

Having the scopes that hold the biological parent be the same format would be nice, so preferably they'd both be biological_father or biological_father (maybe shortening biological to bio for the sake of code brevity). But I'm guessing changing the term used only in the code and thus not public facing isn't high on Paradox's priority list.

Though whatever term is used in the code doesn't need to be used in game. I fact I already use the scooe real_father in my adoption code to store the biological father, but it has no localization, as I use it just so the game can properly keep track of the biological father for biological inheritance reasons. So he is invisible and not used in any checks related to the actual parents.
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