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Nov 27, 2021
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Hi, I just bought Crusader Kings III and I can't get it to load. I went through a past thread on this issue, but none of the responses helped, and the thread was a year old. So I'm hoping to start anew. I'm a layman with computers, so please go easy on me.

The Problem: When I try to launch the game from the launcher, I get a little pink exclamation point that says "Launching the game failed."

When I try to launch the executable itself (either normally or as an admin), I get this error: "VCRUNTIME140_1.dll".

What I've tried:
- Reinstall the game.
- Verify integrity of game files in steam.
- Re-download various Microsoft Visual C++ things.
- Re-download Microsoft One Drive.
- Run from administrator.
- Change to Windows 8 compatibility.
- Updating Windows.
- Checked drivers- they all seem updated.

The forum also doesn't seem to like me and won't let me post more information (I have screen shots and everything).

Please help! Thanks!


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