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    The realm rejoices as Paradox Interactive announces the launch of Crusader Kings III, the latest entry in the publisher’s grand strategy role-playing game franchise. Advisors may now jockey for positions of influence and adversaries should save their schemes for another day, because on this day Crusader Kings III can be purchased on Steam, the Paradox Store, and other major online retailers.

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The latest patch for Crusader Kings Deus Vult is the 2.1beta from 15 October 2008, which can be downloaded here

Change-log, 2.1beta patch 22 November 2007

Johan said:
Fixed a crashbug in the ledger.
- Fixed a crashbug with fosterlings returning from countries long destroyed.
- Fixed a crashbug with the gain regiment event effect.

- Changed pleding logic for the AI to check for either of the following to be true, historical setup, friendship, similar culture or neighbours.
- If you go to a war with a friend, you'll automatically lose him as a friend now.
- Children now have a slightly bigger chance of not getting any yearly stat increase when growing up.
- It is no longer possible to send children of your dynasty that are already fosterlings at your demesne as fosterlings to someone else.
- You now still take the attrition from budget impacts when at sea.
- Vassalize now costs 100 warscore.
- You no longer get a badboy reduction for killing someone in your own court.

- Dead unmarried adults will no longer active the unmarried alert.
- Stability change event effect now has a linebreak properly.
- Invalid occupations should now be cleared properly.

- A character now need to be 12 or above to get lustful trait.
- The "You have been strongly taken by a young woman in your court" will not trigger towards a rulers own wife.
- The "Fund traitors in enemy castle" will now only trigger if actually sieging. MTTH dropped to 1/10th to compensate.
- The Coat of Arms for Polotsk have been corrected now.
- random_fosterling & random_courtier can not target the current character.
Change-log, 2.1beta patch 10 April 2008

Johan said:
- Base health+fertility of new characters are now higher.
- Relations will no longer change dramatically at each reload.
- A character changing religion now loses heretic, shiite and sunni traits.
- Opening the ledger now closes the characterscreen properly.
- There is now higher threshold before attrition in friendly territory.
- Characters should no longer be married twice on the same day.
- Added a missing text to ledger.
- The game automatically makes sure that a character can not be both a friend and a rival at the same time.
- Rebellious and Loyalist are now anti-thesis of each other.
- Fosterlings can never get married.
- Fosterling status is now removed if back in court of his father, moved to another court, or given titles.
- Fixed a few potential random crashes.
- Fixed a crashbug with marriages.
- Fixed a crashbug with inheritances.
- Force vassalisation is no longer reversed.
- Reenabled code to allow marching through other religion when at war to let crusades work again.
Change-log, 2.1beta patch 11 April 2008

Johan said:
- Fixed vassalization peace option so it actually works for both ways.
Change-log, 2.1beta patch 2 June 2008

Johan said:
- Economic mapmode should now be usable. lighter = richer, darker = poorer.
- Only christian nations can walk through enemy religious countries when at war. (no more sheikdom of praha)
- Characters are now a lot less likely to join courts ruled by a rival.
- Building restrictions are now checked at maximum province income.
- Revoking excommunications now work.
- Inbred trait is now only applied in closer family relations.
- Relation increase from marriages are now only happening when the rulers marry.
- Tweaked fertility on new characters slightly downwards.
- Fixed a crashbug in the characterwindow.
- Fixed a random crashbug.
Changelog, 2.1beta patch 13 June 2008

- Only christian nations can walk through enemy religious countries when at war. (no more sheikdom of praha) (actually this time)
- AI is less likely to view those with good relations, and friends, as enemies.
- Fixed a random crashbug with warfare.
- Bonus troops for prestigous characters now scale prestige requirements depending on title.
- Fixed the display lists of savegames in the lobby to show as many as possible.
- You will no longer click through the ledger to accidentally open the characterwindow when clicking on the sort buttons.
Changelog, 2.1beta patch from 15 October 2008

- Fixed a crashbug due to allowing of sending children that has titles as fosterlings.
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