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    The realm rejoices as Paradox Interactive announces the launch of Crusader Kings III, the latest entry in the publisher’s grand strategy role-playing game franchise. Advisors may now jockey for positions of influence and adversaries should save their schemes for another day, because on this day Crusader Kings III can be purchased on Steam, the Paradox Store, and other major online retailers.

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Latest Patch for Crusader Kings is Version 1.5

This update works with 1.00, 1.01, 1.02, 1.03 and 1.03B and 1.04a versions (English language) of Crusader Kings.
This patch should be applied to a fresh CL installation from your original game CD. You do not need to install any previous patches.

CK 1.05 is not compatible with any save games made with CK 1.04a or earlier (some major exe and handling changes make this impossible). You will need to start a new game with this patch.

(1.04a supercedes 1.04. It corrects the database mismatch error and periodic piety/prestige gained from building.)

English language Version 1.04a
This update works with 1.00, 1.01 and 1.02 and 1.03 and 1.03B versions (English language) of Crusader Kings.

German language Version 1.04a
This update works with 1.00, 1.01 and 1.02 and 1.03 and 1.03B versions (German) of Crusader Kings. It will install German language files.

Spanish language Version 1.04a
This update works with 1.00, 1.01 and 1.02 and 1.03 and 1.03B versions (Spanish language) of Crusader Kings.

French language Version 1.04a
This update works with 1.00, 1.01 and 1.02 and 1.03 and 1.03B versions (French language) of Crusader Kings.

Italian language Version 1.04a
This update works with 1.00, 1.01 and 1.02 and 1.03 and 1.03B versions (Italian language) of Crusader Kings.

Older patches

English language Version 1.03b
This update works with 1.00, 1.01 and 1.02 versions (English language) of Crusader Kings.

German language Version 1.03b
This update works with 1.00, 1.01 and 1.02 versions (German) of Crusader Kings. It will install German language files.

Spanish language Version 1.03b
This update works with 1.00, 1.01 and 1.02 versions (Spanish language) of Crusader Kings.

French language Version 1.03b
This update works with 1.00, 1.01 and 1.02 versions (French language) of Crusader Kings.

Italian language Version 1.03b
This update works with 1.00, 1.01 and 1.02 versions (Italian language) of Crusader Kings.

English language Version 1.02 (2.6 meg)
This update works with version 1.00 or 1.01 (English language) of Crusader Kings.

English language Version 1.01
This update works with version 1.00 (English language) of Crusader Kings.

Paradox Download Page

If anyone has links to other versions, please PM me the link, Thank-you
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And a warning. If you have modified any of the Crusader King files, the patch may not over-write your modified files. If this is the case, you should:
1) Backup your modifications.
2) Uninstall CK.
3) Install CK.
4) Apply the patch.
5) Figure out what you want to do with your modifications.

All patches May not be backward compatable, so it is recommended to start a new game with each patch.


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Changes done in 1.01

- Fixed all reported crashes.
- Fixed a bug which renamed countries and changed shields at loadtime.
- Character pruning is now in effect (this means all old save games will
probably lead to almost instant CTD
- People should no longer remain as advisors after becomming rulers
- Zero size armies should no longer remain.
- Dead people shall no longer remain as advisors.
- Claims are now properly shown as inherited immidatly rather than after
a reload
- Fixed a disrepancy between map name and actual name.
- Fixed severe bug with vassal-liege relation inconsitensies.
- Regiments that were routed from a battle no longer stay routed until

- Only catholics now get crusade expectations.
- Positive diplomatic rating now only have half the effect on loyalty,
and is capped at +1%.
- Badboy impact on loyalty much worse now.
- Traits mismatch now affects loyalty alot more.
- Only greek and byzantine vassals of the Emperor have the special
byzantine loyalty bonus.
- Badboy decay factor is now completely depending on your piety. 1000
piety = 1 badboy lost in one year.
- Grab cost of duchy and king titles now depend SEVERLY on the amount of
vassals and land they have.
- Dropped monthly prestige change to 1/12th of before.
- Added some direct connections across to bosoporus for landforces. (So
that we can block sea-strait in the future.)
- You can no longer march through other countries territories, unless
they are of the same religion, or you are at war with that religion.
- You will now lose significant prestige from a sneak attack on another
nation of the true faith. (ie, declaring war after positioning your
troops inside their realm.)
- You can no longer pass through the bosphorus without controlling
Byzantion. Byzantium also blocks anyone at war with orthodox nations to
pass through.
- Capitals should no longer jump to stupid places, but the capital of a
rulers demesne always is the richest in the historical area of that
- Added in lots more inter-trait relations.
- No longer possible to Grant Titles that comes with provinces that are
under siege or not controlled.
- Added support cost to castles to reflect necessary upkeep to the
- Reduced the support cost of cathedral slightly (from gold = 0.8 to
gold = 0.85)
- Reduced the modifiers for most weapon techs.
- Changed the “break points” for ruler_stat modifiers.
- Tweaked class_power modifiers to make them more in line with observed
in-game averages.
- Reduced modifiers associated with province improvements that are more
“spread-related” than discovery-related.
- Added/increased modifiers for discovery-related province improvements
- You can now only arrange marriges on behalf of courtmembers from your
own dynasty
- Kingdoms should no longer disintegrate the moment the King loses his
royal demesne.
- A new Papal Controller is now determined correctly when a new pope is
- Children are now sorted with males before females, i.e. semi-selic law
work as intended
- Non-ruler characters now slowly migrate to their closest living
relative (in falling order: spouse, mother, father, oldest child)
- There should be no more unbeatable 1-man armies now.
- Vassal-Liege relations are now reset when a title is "destroyed".

- Your children will no longer be shown in the court listing on the
- Revised the realm-color setup.
- Added notification when a character got a claim.
- Added notification when a new Papal Controller is determined.
- Added notification when a new Pope is elected.
- You can no longer cancel your vassals provinceimprovement construction

* AI
- AI will now always accept a revokation of a title from a liege without
a title.
- Military AI now better at concentrating forces and attacking at better
- Added guard agains AI granting titles to dead characters
- AI should no longer repeatedly declare war on a weaker country in war
with its vassals, unless the vassal truly needs the help.

- Added the "type = title value = TAG" condition, which is true if the
character holds that title.
- Added "type = kingdom"/"type = duchy"/"type=county" conditions for a
character, if he rules such a state.
- Added "type = steward/chanchellor/spymaster/chaplain/marshal"
- Added the "type = command" condition, which is true if the character
is currently commanding a regiment.

- Added and revised a large amount of character names.
- Mongols learned a thing or two.
- Power values should no longer go negative from certain events.
- Changed education events to trigger at any age to avoid perpetual
uneducated people.
- Adjusted the mtth values for almost all events (reduced by approx. 20%
since they seemed to be taking too long to trigger)
- Added the first "sin and excommunication" event.
- Added a large amount of events which plays havoc and fun with
- Added some character events which cause commanders to die or get
injured when leading troops.
- Revised frequence of improvement events.
- Added another large amount of new events.
- Some minor character bugs in scenarios fixed.


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Changes done in 1.02

- Fixed all reported and reproducable crashes.
- Fixed a bug in the character pruner which caused the scenarios to not load anymore.
- Wars with oneself should no longer be around after inheritances.
- Mercenary defects should no longer crash, but work properly.
- Advances are now saved per regiment.
- Fixed some minor problems with the eu2 converter.
- Fixed bug that caused children to be born with no culture
- Fixed a few memory leaks that happened while playing. (Some very huge ones.)
- Fixed a bug where you could not create titles if they were entirely given out to vassals.
- Fixed a bug with attrition not being calculated on all troops in an area.
- Made a minor optimisation at the arrival of a new day.

- You can no longer grant duke and king titles to anyone without a current demesne.
- You can now only grant titles to your vassals and courtiers.
- Now only christians can be appointed as bishops from create bishopry.
- You now lose the piety given when revoking the title of a bishopry.
- Removed the old "lose 1 badboy every four years" code.
- Characters unfit for command will no longer be assigned regiments to lead
- Random Cousin's appearance now more random (no more Clones)
- Random Cousin's attributes now always quite low (beeing inherited by a random cousin should be penalized)
- Random Cousin's now start with a negative prestige (-50) (beeing inherited by a random cousin should be penalized)
- Random Cousin's now has a finished adult education (of a poor variant).
- Pope now never assign Bishops in orthodox bishopries
- Regiments with size<1 should now be immidiatly removed
- No females or children will ever command troops again.
- Giving out a title now reduces badboy.
- There is now less badboy from enforcing a claim through defensive war.
- Tweaked badboy regain from piety to dependent on difficulty settings and a new formula.
- Characters should no longer get opposite traits from events.
- Papalcontroller is now determined as intended.
- Fixed the effect of Royal Posts.
- Reduced supportcost of religious structures.

- Added a button to disband an entire army.
- Fixed the usurp tooltips order.
- Fixed the x100 in the supportable troops tooltip.
- Fixed the name error on the Grand Shipyard.
- The correct modified build time is now shown in tooltips for a building.
- Fixed a problem with tooltips leaking through in the province view when siege is going on.
- Fixed the leaking through tooltips in the grant-title interface.
- Sliders can no longer move outside legal position
- Religion is now always considered first for the shape of CoA, so christian rulers will never get other looks.

* AI
- AI is less likely to revoke titles now, and will not revoke titles of his sons just to give them back again.
- Mongols should now be a tad bit more on the offensive.

- Added a "type = combat" condition which is true if the character is CURRENTLY commanding a regiment in a battle.
- Added a "type = siege" condition which is true if the character is CURRENTLY commanding a regiment in a siege.
- Added a "type = ai" condition which is true if the character is part of an AI realm.
- Added "ruler_gold/ruler_prestige/ruler_piety" conditions to province events.
- Added a "type = ai" condition which is true if the province is part of an AI realm.
- Added difficulty & aggressiveness condition to all types of events.
- Added a "type = badboy value = VAL" condition for character events.

- Fixed a few balance bugs among the events.
- Added a set of events for bankruptcies.
- Fixed a problem which caused quite a few trait events to not trigger.
- Eventeffect peace now works (fixes 'heathens splintered events')
- Added a large amount of new possible dynasties.
- Revised logics for advance spreads quite alot.
- Added a large amount of battle/command related events.
- Armies created from events should now get correct leader.
- Added age restriction to females starting education (must now be 5 years old)
- Added max age restriction for starting an education (no new education after 15 years old)
- Removed max age cap to finishing education - all will now finish (eventually)
- Added difficulty setting modifiers to the early childhood death event
- Added difficulty setting modifiers to the regular death event
- Fixed broken death-->sainthood event to make it possible for it to trigger.
- Enemy claimholders should now actually get claims from the event.

* Changed the scenario start data to 25th december 1066 (the coronation of William the Bastard)
* Apulia
- Fixed the Hauteville families:
- Added the wives of Tancred
- Added a brother and nephew of the Guiscard, both named Serlo
- Corrected the Guiscard's wife and children
- Added Roger's wife/corrected children
- Added the Guiscard's sister, married to Richard of Aversa
- Added marriages for above
* Capua
- Fixed the Aversa dynasty of Capua:
- Added Richard of Aversa's son and wife
- Corrected his father and brother
- Removed a couple of redundant (dead) cousins.
- Added marriages for above
* Salerno
- Moved William of Principate and Roger to Apulia
- Added the Lombard prince Gisulf as brother of Sigelgaita, and their parents.
- Added marriages for above
- Changed election laws to semi-salic
* France:
- Rework entirely the vassality setup
- Added historically correct Counts for:
Evreux, Nevers & Auxerre, Forez, Bolougne
- Added ancestry, wives and children for the above
- Several minor data updates
- Changed Flanders to a Duchy
- Added the Duchy of Burgundy to France.
- New county of Bourbon, vassal of Duchy of Bourgogne
- Macon is now vassal of Bourgogne
- Count of Nevers is now vassal of Bourgogne
(remaining provinces in the Duchy remian part of the Empire as direct vassals of the King)
* Duchy of Anjou
- The Count of Anjou is now the Duke of Anjou
- New Count in Vendôme
- Touraine is now longer a bishopric. Corrected ruler
* Duchy of Poitiers-Aquitaine
- Poitiers is now the capital of Duchy of Poitiers-Aquitaine
- New county in Thouars
- Saintonge is now Poitiers's
- Corrected Angoulême's ruler
- Albret is now Poitiers's
- Labourd is now Poitier's
- Corrected Bearn ruler
- Corrected Armagnac ruler
- Corrected Agen ruler
- New County in Périgord
- Auvergne is no longer a Duchy but a vassal county of Poitiers
- Corrected Limousin ruler
- Bourges is now a bishopric vassal of Poitiers
* Duchy of Toulouse
- Rouergue is now part of the demise of Duke of Toulouse
- Corrected Foix ruler
- Montpellier is now part of Carcassonne
- Corrected Carcassonne ruler
- Rouergue is now demesne of Duke of Toulouse
- Gévaudan is now vassal of Toulouse
* Duchy of Champagne
- Chartres is now demesne of Champagne
- New county of Sens
- Reims is now a bishopric vassal of Champagne
- Vexin is now part of County of Amiens
- Corrected ruler of Amiens
- Corrected ruler of Vermandois
* Brittany:
- Made the Duke independent and the Count of Léon his vassal.
- Added/updated the Counts of Rennes, Penthievre and Léon
- Added ancestry, wives and children for the above where missing
* Germany
- Made Heinrich the Salian, Duke of Franconia, King of Germany, Italy and Burgundy
- Deleted the copies of him and family.
- Restructured the Duchies, so Germany now consits of the following Duchies
Upper Lorraine,Lower Lorraine, Saxony, Franconia, Swabia, Bavaria, Thuringia, Meissen
Brandenburg, Austria, Kärnten, Verona, Milan, Provence
- Made the vassals for these Duchies more logical
- Added the Duchy of Tuscany to Germany
- Added Historically correct counts or Dukes (or expanded the existing families) for
Austria, Nurnberg, Kärnten, Verona, Briesgau, Nordgau, Sundgau, Upper Lorraine
Tuscany, Verdun, Besancon, Geneva, Aargau, St Gallen, Bavaria, Pfalz, Laustiz
Wiemar, Meissen, Munster, Anhalt, Thuringia
* The Low Countries
- Holland and West Freisland now ruled by Bishop of Sticht
- Zeeland ruled by Dirk of Holland (dynasty moved to 79)
- Breda now ruled by duke of Lower Lorraine (county never existed but ownership can not clearly be given to surrounding rulers)
- Gent now ruled by Robert the Flanders
* Spain:
- Added the Kigndom of Galacia.
- Rewroked the Protugal set up.
- El Cid is now quite a bit better.
- Expanded characters.
* 1066 Bug Fixes:
- No more 0,0,0,0 characters.
- The children of the King of Denamrk now have the same Dynasty as their father.
- The child of the Duke of the Western Isles is now the same dynasty as his father.
- The Duke of Meissen is no Longer Swedish.
- Fixed the tags for the Duchy of Krakow.
- Removed the Duchy of Stiermark, solving that problem.
- Added hill forts to provinces which had small castles.
- The Duchy of Mar is one again creatable.


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Changes done in 1.03



- Alliances
* Implemented a bilateral (*not* multilateral!) alliance system between characters.
* The number of allies you are allowed depends on your realm’s diplomatic attributes.
* Only disloyal vassals may ally outside their realm and this alliance will be dissolved if the vassal’s loyalty recovers.
* Alliances dissolve when one of the characters dies.
* An alliance is dissolved if you are discovered when attempting to assassinate someone in your ally’s court.
* You may join wars that your allies are fighting.
- Gifts
* It is now possible to send gifts to other countries.
* The maximum amount of a gift is capped at 1000 gold (but multiple gifts may be given)
* Giving a gift to a vassal will increase his loyalty if it is a significant amount relative to the vassal’s demesne income.
- Truces
* A state of truce is now applied between two characters when a peace is accepted.
* The truce is in force until one of the character dies or the truce is broken by a new declaration of war.
* Breaking a truce results in a prestige hit to the trucebreaker. This amount is reduced if the trucebreaker declares war in support of a vassal.


- Regency Events – a set of flavour events that may trigger when a ruler is not of age.
- Illness Events – a set of events that generate specific illnesses from the generic illness and stress traits.
- Courtier Events – a set of events that bring Courtiers to life with ambitions of their own.
- Advisors Events – a set of special events for the marshal, the chancellor & the steward.
- Trait Events – many new trait-generating events have been added
- Power Balance Events - when a province’s class is given very little power it may trigger a set of events that make it become increasingly disloyal unless rectified.
- Evil Events – a set of events that can present a challenging for low-efficiency demesnes.


- Fifteen new potential Kingdoms and Duchies have been added to the game.



- A regiment now must be at 10% (or more) of its maximum strength to be allowed to mobilize.
- Regiments will now suffer a minimum attrition of 1% when in neutral territory and of 2% when in hostile territory, regardless of size.
- The size of an army is now capped with respect to its effect on the duration a siege.
- Pillaging now gives the effect to the CONTROLLER of the province, not the owner.
- Kings and dukes now revoke titles if their demesne is completely lost, even if at war and even if all their counts are 100% loyal.
- If a province is taken by a religious enemy, an active regiment from that province now becomes a mercenary regiment under its former owner’s control instead of disbanding.
- Lieges now get their vassals’ units as mercenary regiments if that vassals is eliminated by a religious enemy.
- A province’s potential force (unmobilized regiment or unplaced recruits) is wiped out when a province is taken by a religious enemy.
- Enemy troop losses are now included in the calculation that determines the war score.
- Any existing wars are now transferred and merged upon inheritance.


- Increases to the power of a class in a province are now made in 5% steps and reduce the power of each of the other classes equally (an increase of 5% to one will reduce the other three by 1.67% each). There is a corresponding change in each class’ loyalty.
- The demesne penalty modifier for royal posts and grand palaces has been changed to reduce the efficiency penalty of provinces where they are built, but to eventually allow the income modifier to become 0.
- Adjusted castle support costs to reflect the fact that they are stacked - rather than replaced – when built.

- Rulers now get random cousins only if there are no dynastic heirs.
- A female is now always transferred to her husband’s court when she marries, and a male always remains in his existing court.
- Court migration has been enhanced to allow for more movement of random and/or displaced courtiers between realms.
- A courtier will not migrate if he/she or his/her spouse currently holds a court appointment (except through inheritance).
- Children may now be born with the hunchback, lisp, harelip and clubfoot traits.
- Children whose parents are from the same dynasty now have a chance to become inbred.
- The leper trait now correctly causes a character to become sterile.
- A child’s religion is no longer changed to the realm’s religion as a result of education unless he/she is given an ecclesiastical education.
- The result of each child’s education now depends on many more factors than the education of his/her parents.


- If a vassal attacks you, your other vassals no longer grow more disloyal towards you.
- Coming to the aid of an attacked vassal no longer incurs bad boy and vassal loyalty penalties.
- Not coming to the aid of an attacked vassal now incurs a prestige penalty.
- Granting a title to a vassal (or a character that thus becomes your vassal) now increases his loyalty.
- Granting a Duchy title to a vassal now transfers all County vassals you have that have that duchy as their default duchy to the new Duke.
- Granting a King title to a vassal now transfers all Duke vassals who have their demesne capital in the default domain of the granted King title, and all count vassals located in the default domain of the granted King title (with the exception of those who have their demesne capital in a the default domain of a duchy title held by the granting King).
- It should no longer be possible to inherit non-feudal titles.
- Traits with global attribute effects now correctly affect vassal loyalty.


- Removed the bad boy penalty for attacking religious enemies.
- Crusades expectations are now reduced by the number of provinces in your demesne that have non-Christian religion (-0.2 piety for each). Note that if the province subsequently converts to Christianity this reduction is lost (but you get a one-time piety bonus for having done so).
- The size of the Mongol Invasion and any subsequent reinforcements now depends on the difficulty setting of the game. There are also some flavour events that have been added for the Hordes that may reduce their size.


- The cost for excommunicating someone is now dependant upon the titles and vassals that character has, as well as his/her piety.
- The Papal controller’s sons are now only considered for bishop offices if they have ecclesiastical education.
- The Papal controller now always gets male random courtiers if he has fewer than 70% male courtiers.
- Bishop candidates must be catholic.
- Non-adults cannot be made bishops.
- Non-adults cannot be elected as Pope.
- Papal “bishopric theft” has been eliminated. Upon election, the new Pope’s former demesne provinces are returned to his former liege.
- Only Catholics can be excommunicated now.
- Excommunicated characters are now hated quite a bit by everyone.
- Only Catholics benefit from reduced claim costs from excommunication.
- It is no longer possible to excommunicate the pope.
- An excommunicated person can no longer become a pope.
- Removed the loophole from excommunicate/revoke prestige gain on the Pope.
- Added a small piety bonus for giving land to the religious orders when they are created.
- Orthodox characters may now also become saints.


- It is no longer possible to usurp titles with 0 statically mapped provinces. (Such as the Pope)
- Tweaked assassination costs to make it more expensive in bigger courts.
- Your badboy rating is now reduced when someone successfully assassinates someone in your court.
- The degree of the bad boy penalty for assassination now depends on whether you are discovered or not.

- Bad boy now reduced by 33% when a ruler dies.
- Removed the prestige exploit from marriages.
- There are now duchies covering all provinces.
- Revised a lot of conditions for various events to tweak their probability.
- Revised a lot of triggers and conditions for events to make them fire more logically.
- Some base province income values adjusted (Thesaliniki now condiserably richer, Russian provinces tweaked, Low Counties tweaked)


- Only adult characters are now shown in the court interface.
- The real age of a character is now shown, not the rounded age.
- The loyalty of a vassal is now shown in the brief character info tooltip.
- Alliances (new feature) are shown in blue on the relationship mapmode
- Reworked color-setup in realm mapmode.
- Changed the order of prestige/piety in the province window.
- Added the regular province tooltips to realm mapmode as well.
- Fixed a display bug on attrition on unit screen.
- Sliders settings are now adjusted and limited automatically after a law has been changed.
- Added "Sue for peace" action for vassals IF you are at war with them (this can happen through inheritance).
- Fixed a few action screens where it was impossible to select bottom entries.
- Changed the autosave frequency possibilities.
- Added a shortcut key 'm', to toggle the message log to be visible or not.
- Added the diplomatic cheat "byzantine".


- The AI is now better at deciding when to instigate or join a war.
- The AI now considers a ruler’s traits when deciding whether to declare war.
- The AI will now selectively declare war on vassals of a religious enemy they are at war with, so it may grab provinces as easily as the opponent.
- AI Vassals will now trust their liege to mobilize and use their troops if they are fighting a common enemy.
- The AI will no longer keep requesting mobilization of vassals’ regiments if they are too small.
- The AI is now better at mobilizing its troops, in attacking enemies, selecting its military targets and in defending itself and its vassals. This is a leaner and meaner military AI.
- The AI is now better at managing and demobilizing regiments that are no longer needed for specific targets during a war.
- AI will no longer revoke titles when at war.
- AI will no longer revoke the title of the player before other vassals.
- AI will now pillage provinces when it can – unless it has a claim on that province.
- The AI is now considerably better (and more reasonable) when negotiating a peace.
- The AI may now assassinate anyone assassinating it, or assassinate anyone far above the badboy limit.
- The AI will now correctly build all beneficial province improvements and takes many more factors into consideration when prioritizing the order that it does so.
- AI is now better at avoiding bankruptcy.
- Improved and tweaked the marriage AI.
- AI should now be quite a bit better at selecting the appropriate education for its children.

- AI spam has been reduced.


- Added ability to use modifers in actions to modify the AI_chance for each action.
- Added a scalable effect commands for events.
- Added conditions for character and province events: difficulty, aggressiveness
- Added a "region" trigger for provinces.
- Added character condition: ruler
- Added a "ruler" target for character targets.
- Added the "mother/steward/chanchellor/marshal/spymaster/chaplain" target option.
- Added a "courtier_defect" effect. (for = target_char to defect to.)
- The "has_province_effect" condition now works for characters, and then checks for the capital of their court.
- Added an "efficiency" condition for character events
- Added Context Switching Conditions
* For province conditions: owner, controller
* For character conditions: capital, realm_capital, location, liege, father, mother, spouse, any_demesne_province, any_same_religion_province, any_same_culture_province, any_province, realm_ruler, ruler_csc, steward_csc, chancellor_csc, marshal_csc, spymaster_csc, chaplain_csc, any_courtier, any_vassal, any_child, any_same_culture_ruler, any_same_religion_ruler, any_ruler, any_allied_ruler, any_precursor
* csc conditions can be nested (province events can use nested csc to check character csc conditions)
* csc conditions do not allow the context of event effects to be changed
* WARNING: The “any_xxxxx” csc conditions are very CPU intensive and should be used with extreme caution to avoid performance reduction or complete lock-up!


- made lots of minor changes to the Piast dynasty members,
- added Emnilde (757) second wife of Boleslaw the Brave,
- removed 759, as unhistorical/unmarried character,
- added a bunch of pseudo-historical portraits for Polish Kings (thanks to Matejko and Kasperus )
- removed 13500 and 13502 as doubles of King Kazimierz Karol and princess Swietoslawa/Swatawa
- made Kievan Princess Dobronega (13501) correctly mother of Boleslaw (et al.)
- removed 20392 as unnecessary (new ruler in Mazovia)
- changed 20393 as a correct Archbishop of Wielkopolska
- changed 20388 into an Archbishop of Krakow/Malopolska, removed his wife (that someone added in 1.02!!!)
- added marriage of Adelajda (753) with Geza of Hungary
- added/corrected marriages of Boleslaw (756)
- added marriage between DObronega (13501) and Kazimierz Karol
- corrected slightly marriage of Wratislav and Swietoslawa
- deleted a bunch of marriages between doubles
- made Wladyslaw Herman (764), King's brother, a Duke of Masovia and Count of Plock
- made KRAK (Malopolska/Krakow) an Archbishopric
- made C428 a vassal of KRAK (same ruler anyway)
- made changes to .eug file (new ruler faces, removed KRAK as playable)
- made Boleslaw (762) a Duke of Silesia (rather than only an overlord of Silesia)
- put the structures (forts, churches etc.) in correct provinces
- Various minor province updates.

- added Ludmila (8502) and corrected parentage of other children of Wratislav
- removed 12600-12611 as doubles of the Bohemian ducal family
- made Opava (C440) part of Silesia rather than Bohemia

- made a bunch of minor changes to the characters
- made a bunch of minor changes to the dynasty names (including Greek spelling and removal of female form for the game consistency)
- corrected spelling of Greek names
- removed doubles of dynasty names
- added missing children of Konstantinos Doukas
- added missing son of Andronikos Doukas
- added missing children of Ioannes Komnenos
- made Maria of Bulgaria a wife of Andronikos Doukas, not Michael Doukas
- removed unborn/non-existing children
- made Eirene Doukas daughter of Andronikos rather than Ioannes
- made Zoe Doukas daughter of Konstantinos, rather than Ioannes
- improved vastly stats of Alexios Komnenos and reduced stats of Michael Doukas
- Nikephoros Palaiologos is not a son of Ioannes Komnenos any more
- added "random" characters from Laskaris, Angelos and Kantakouzenos families
- added historical characters of Sergios of Naples and his son, Sergios
- added historical characters of Roupin of Armenia and his son Konstandin Roupinid
- corrected minor mistakes in majority of characters
- Emperor of Byzantium is now also Prince and Count of Thessalonike
- Michael Doukas is now Prince and Count of Adrianople
- Ioannes Doukas is now Prince and Count of Nikomedia
- Ioannes Komnenos is now Prince and Count of Sinope
- Manuel Komnenos is now Count of Amisos
- Alexios Komnenos is now Prince of Kappadokia, and Count of Paphlagonia and Ankyra
- Isaakios Komnenos is now Prince of Antioch and Count of Alexandretta
- Romanos Diogenes is now Prince and Count of Ikonion
- Manuel Angelos is now Prince and Count of Lykia
- Ioannes Kantakouzenos is now Count of Ephesos
- Theodoros Laskaris (non-historical) is now Prince and Count of Nikaea
- Sergios is now Count of Naples
- Roupin is now Prince of Armenia Minor and Count of Lykandos
- Lykia has now semi-salic consanguinity law to simulate power center of
Angelos family
- Nikomedia has now semi-salic consanguinity law to simulate power center of Doukas family
- Ikonion has now semi-salic consanguinity law to simulate power center of Diogenes family
- Kappadokia has now semi-salic consanguinity law to simulate power center of Komnenos family
- Nikaea has now semi-salic consanguinity law to simulate power center of Laskaris family
- Ephesos has now semi-salic consanguinity law to simulate power center of Kantakouzenos family
- Armenia Minor has now semi-salic primogeniture law to simulate power center of Roupinids and the fact that it will blossom into a kingdom shortly
- added historical Stephen Vujoslav, his sons Mihajlo and Radislav, and their sons
- added non-historical wives of Vujoslav characters with offspring
- made Mihajlo Vujoslav Prince of Serbia and Bosnia, and Count of Rashka, Hum and Rama
- made Radislav Vujoslav a Count of Zeta

- resurrected Duke's wife and brought her back to Burgundian court
- killed Duke's ex-wife (should be long dead)
- brought Henri's wife from Catalonia to Bourgogne (to prevent her from "stealing" entire ducal family within the few days from the scenario beginning)

- Gave the Duke of Milan his historical Father and Mother.
- Gave the Duke of Milan a full borther as well as his current half brother and made him Count of Maine.
- Added the County of Pavia to the Duke of Milian's Demise
- Added the County of Piedmont to the Count of Savoy's Demise
- Adeed the family to the Count of Passau to make it more histroically accurate
- Removed the Count of Nassau and added the province the King of Germany's demise (the first count I can find dates from about 1154)
- Ok I lied the Count of Nassau hass begun a new career as the Count of Baden, but I doubt anyone will notice
- Removed the Count of Leingen, can't find anyone holding a title here till about 1263
- Added the Count of Metz and family
- Added a count of Nieder Bayern and his family
- Removed the Count of Wurtemburg (can't find anyone holding this title in 1066)
- Removed the Count of Furstenburg
- Removed the counbt Cleves
- Removed the Count of Celle
- The Bishop of Bremem is now the historically correct Bishop
- Hamburg is now part of Bremem
- The Count of Koln has been replaced by the historically correct Bishop
- The Count of Osnabruck has been replaced by the historically correct Bishop
- In both cases their wives have been removed
- The correct Count of Oldenbrug has been added
- All Germany Duchies now use Semi-Sallic inheritance

- Made the counts of Moray Dukes of Argyll (it was the best Title I could find for them)
- Gave them control of Sutherland and Ross
- Expanded there family so they are now decended from the Scottish Royal Family
- MacBeth now makes a guest appearance in the character file.
- Made Maelmuir Dunkeld to be Duke of Atholl, gave him controll of Argyll as well
- Moved Gospatrick of Atholl to make him Duke of Berwick (moved his family as well).
- Gave Maldred of Atholl the title Duke of Galloway (histroically he was King of Cumbria)
- gave him the provinces of Carrick, Galloway and Cumberland
- Upped the Count of Mar to Duke
- Manged to find the correct historical Duke and his son (all hail the power of Burke's Peerage). The dates are guess work
- Gave Mar control of Buchan
- Added a father & sister for the count of Angus. The actual count and his relationship to the new characters is pure guess work

- The Dukes of Orkney can now claim decendance from the Scottish Royal family

- Removed a few clones
- Made Catalonia independant of Aragon
- Changed the dynasties of some of the characters
- Changed some the starting laws

- Moved the counties C460 Varadzin and C462 Krizevci from Hungary to Croatia.
- Created the Duchy of Slavonia, gave this to Zvonimir Dimitar.
- Moved the Duchy of Zara (=Dalmatia) from Byzantine to Croatian control.
- Various minor updates to the ruling dynasty.

- Made Lazlo Arpad duke of Temes
- Created the Duchy of Slovakia, moved Geza there from Temes. Gave him C443 Nitra as demesne.
- Various minor updates to the ruling dynasty.
- Moved Ottokar of Styria from Vas to Steiermark.
- Ottokar now has a wife and kids.
- Moved the county of Vas from German to Hungarian control (and created a generic count there).

- Made the King of Sweden also duke of Västergötland to fix a problem where C294 Närke and C295 Dal had no liege.

- Removed a Large number of Place Holder Counts
- Moved the survivng Atheling's to the court of the King of Scotland
- Moved Waltheof from Northumberland to Northampton
- Set Morcar as Duke of Cumberland (simulating the Saxon Earldom of Northumberland)
- Set Edwin as Duke of Lancashire (Simulating the Saxon Earldom of Mercia)
- Promoted William FitzOsbern to Duke of Warkwick and gave him substantial land holdings in the Midlands.
- The Duchy of Norfolk is now a little bit smaller

- Fixed a couple of minor Dynasty problems in the low countires
- The Tribe of Savoie is no more
- Fixed a few date problems with characters
- The Duke of Leinster is now the same Dynasty as his son and Grandson
- Palmyra is no longer a selectable country
- The Duke of Tunisia has been made a king
- Ulfhild Olafssdottir, although not technically married at scenario start has
had it changed so her marriage is still running in 1066.
- Removed the marriage between the dead Guillaume de Heismes and his granddaughter...

- updated all provinces to have correct required sub-structures for religious buildings and fortifications
- some additional improvements added to rationalize the added substructures (notably tile factories added to provinces with large churches or domed churches, although I left then out of provinces that have just a regular church on the basis that they might have imported the stone)
- updated all provinces to have most of the necessary advances to build the structures they possess.
- all caste powers updated to ensure no caste begins with 15% power or lower.
- some advances added to some provinces to rationalize structures in that province.


- Occitanised the characters needing that.

- updated all provinces to have correct required sub-structures for religious buildings and fortifications
- some additional improvements added to rationalize the added substructures (notably tile factories added to provinces with large churches or domed churches, although I left then out of provinces that have just a regular church on the basis that they might have imported the stone)
- updated all provinces to have most of the necessary advances to build the structures they possess.
- all caste powers updated to ensure no caste begins with 15% power or lower.
- some advances added to some provinces to rationalize structures in that province.
- Removed a lot of grand palaces that provinces can't afford as a result of the changes made to that improvement.
- adjusted a few of the advances - generally richer (base value) provinces are now also somewhat more advanced technologically.


- Tweaked setup of provinces in 1337.
- Some dynasties added: Hohenzollern, de Holand, de Ufford, de Lacy, de Frenes, Mormaer, Strathbogie and Randolph.
- Ulfsdöttrarna in Närke are now women.
- Ages of the people of Blå dynasty made normal.
- A few 200+ year old people fixed.

- Magnus Eriksson also king of Norway

- von Wittelsbach dynasty expanded (62731-73)
- King Ludwig now also count(IRL duke) of Upper Bavaria. Stefan to German court
- 62731 Ludwig, son of king Ludwig, Duke of Brandenburg. Removed generic 62300
- 62749 Rudolf is now Pfalzgraf
- 62760 Heinrich now Duke and count of Lower Bavaria
- von Meissen dynasty (62400-402). 62400 duke of Meiseen, Türingen.
- duchy of Thüringen and land to Meissen ^
- Swabia disintegrated, dukal title removed
- New dynasties in Fürstenberg & Breisgau (62320-43),
- Württemberg (62300-62306), Baden(62310-17), Schwaben(62350-54)
- Ulm a Free City (republic)
- Chur, Trent made bishopries
- Lübeck and Hamburg Free Cities
- duchy of Frankonia disintegrated, title dismissed
- von Nassau family (62360-77) in Nassau
- Mainz a bishopry
- Pfalz see above
- Leiningen dynsty in Leiningen (62380-86)
- Franken made a Free City (Frankfurt am Main)
- Anhalt dynasty (62390-98), liege Saxony
- Saxe-Wittenberg dynasty, duke of Sachsen (62100-113)
- Passau now a bishopry, bishop 62111 Albrecht
- Johan III von Holstein given to dynasty 116 von Holstein
- Gerhard (III the Great) von (Holstein-)Rendsburg now also duke of Slesvig
- renamed the guy above to "Gerhard III" to avoid further confusion from the guy below
- 51970 Gerhard von Holstein(-Plön) only count Holstein, vassal of Gerhard III
- von Braunschweig dynasty (62800-62844), governing Göttingen, Braunschweig, Lüneburg
- Bohemian dynasty fixed, also linked with the branch in Luxembourg. removed 62613 dupl. of 62600
- Kingship of Germany now elective
- Oldenburg dynasty expanded. Johann is the new count.
- dynasty in new county Valais (62140-44), liege SAVO

- duchy of Toulouse and surrounding land to king of France
- Foix dyansty fixed
- occitan culture in a lot of provinces and characters
- enlargened Brittany dynasty
- Vendome dynasty in Vendome (55006-13)
- Brienne dynasty in Eu. Guines to Raoul de Brienne, count of Eu
- Thouars dynasty in Thouars (55930-39)
- Chalons (Franche Comte) to Burgund
- expanded Chalons dynasty in Auxerre.

- Jaume "el Conquistador" is now a man
- Leon and Castille now ruled by 57500
- Urgell ruled by Jaume
- lots of other changes

- 62742 Guillaume de Hainault now count of Hainault, Holland, Zeeland. Removed generic 55005 and 55610 (duplicate of 62742). added dynasty (87011-12)
- new duchy Brabant. (87040-87055)
- Loon a county, (62160-62170)
- Gent, Brugge to duchy of Flandern, Louis of Nevers duke.
- Münster independent bishopry, liege GERM
- Loon a county, (62160-62170) liege GERM
- Breda to Brabant
- dynasties in Gelre, Kleve, Jülich expanded
- Friesland disintegrated. Westfriesland to the counts of Holland (ie the counts Hainault).

- Gwynedd vassal of England
- ruling Plantagenet dynasty expanded
- Durham a bishopric
- some dynasties for the earls:
- Edmund Plantagenet c of Lancaster and Leicester
- Henry P. in Derby
- Humphrey de Bohun c of Hereford
- his brother William de Bohun in Northampton
- FitzAlans in Sussex (Arundel)
- Warren family in Surrey
- de Holland in Kent
- Beauchamp in Warwick
- de Audley in Gloucester
- clifford in Westmoreland
- de Courteney in Devon and Exeter to him
- de Vere in Oxford
- de Ufford in Suffolk
- de Lacy in Lincoln and Salisbury
- Richard de Mandeville controls the Isle of Man
- king Edward has a claim on FRAN

- Carrick and Strathclyde to king David
- replaced all generic and created dynasties (53020-530780, 53502-14)
- Ross in Ross
- MacDonald on the Western Isles
- Randolph in Moray
- Beaumont in Buchan
- Mormaer in Mar
- Stewart in Angus
- Strathbogie in Atholl
- MacDuff in Fife
- Campbell in Argyll
- Dunbar in the marches (Berwick+Galloway)

- Grisons(Ticino), Cremona and lombardia to Milano
- correct rulers in the Italian republics
- expanded Piemonte dynasty
- Saluzzo dynasty craeted
- Parma to Verona
- Modena to Ferrara, new ruler there
- Urbino feudal county, Montefeltro dynasty

- Samos to Genoa
- duchy of Aegean vassals of Venice
- duke of Achaea is Robert d'Anjou, duke of Calabria (irl Taranto), Nicholas de Joinville rules it in his place.
- despotate of Epirus independent from BYZ.
- duchy Vidin vassal of Bulgaria

-Cumans, Khazars and Alans subjects to the Golden Horde
-lots of Russian states subject to the Mongols.

- updated all provinces to have correct required sub-structures for religious buildings and fortifications
- some additional improvements added to rationalize the added substructures (notably tile factories added to provinces with large churches or domed churches, although I left then out of provinces that have just a regular church on the basis that they might hve imported the stone)
- updated all provinces to have most of the necessary advances to build the structures they possess.
- all caste powers updated to ensure no caste begins with 15% power or lower.
- some advances added to some provinces to rationalize structures in that province.
- Removed a lot of grand palaces that provinces can't afford as a result of the changes made to that improvement.
- adjusted a few of the advances - generally richer (base value) provinces are now also somewhat more advanced technologically.


- Fixed any reported crashes.
- You can no longer receive a claim on titles you already possess.
- At the start of each day, claims on titles currently held are removed.
- Fixed a bug which made it possible to sometimes grant titles to a vassal’s courtiers.
- Fixed some bugs with vassal loyalty changes (100 times too big in some cases.)
- Children of the same father won't get the same names as often.
- The one-time-bonus from building an improvement now works as intended.
- Grand shipyards now display properly
- Mercenaries and rebels and units with anonymous commanders should now siege properly.
- Fixed several minor inconsistencies with technology.
- Fixed the problem with duplicate event effects happening in MP.
- There should only be one papal controller determination message in MP.
- Fixed a problem with grand mobilisation happening multiple times in MP.
- Fixed the chat after player eliminated CTD in MP.
- Fixed all reported problems in event files.
- Fixed several broken event commands.
- Fixed the opinion_of modifier.
- Fixed a few problems with the EU2 converter databases.
- Fixed any other reproducible bugs that were reported

* And much, much more...


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Special 1.03b Update Information

We've been working on our patch-installer to make sure that all files installs properly now.

The 1.03b fixes is as follows.
- Fixed a major problem which caused AI to never select option A in an event.
- Fixed a problem with a broken dynasty in 1066 which caused ctd's at saves and births.
- Fixed a major problem which caused truces involving anyone not being an independent ruler to poof immediately.
- Alliances within a realm should no longer poof immediately.
- Fixed the problem if a vassal to the Pope gets elected.


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Changes done in 1.04

(1.04a supercedes 1.04. It corrects the database mismatch error and periodic piety/prestige gained from building.)


- Fixed an MP ctd.
- Fixed some positionings and errors in MP lobby.
- Fixed the CTD when saving.
- Fixed one repeatable CTD reported in several savegames.
- Rearranged some provinces to default duchies in Northen Sweden.
- Fixed some broken triggers in the improvement events.
- Fixed the some broken effects in the regency events.
- Crusader Events now only fire for catholics.
- Schizophrenia is now given in the intended illness event.
- Fixed a bug which caused the periodic piety/prestige from buildings to not get added to the ruler.
- No longer possible for a catholic to appoint an orthodox as bishop and vice versa.
- Fixed the technological holes (Bremen, Lubusz etc)
- Fixed the problem with no Ilkhanate reinforcements on difficulty setting 2
- Courtiers under 16 will no longer choose to leave the court.
- Rulers will no longer be accused of cowardice for not commanding regiments when they are under 16.
- You now also get the opportunity b) to deny the Teutonic Knights land like the other orders.


- Tweaked down the MTTH and effect from embezzlement.
- Reduced the scaled values for basically all events.
- Tweaked a few lordship events.
- Chaplain must now be of rulers religion.
- Country cousins are now always males.
- Scaled mercenary events and also made them more frequent..
- Rebalanced province improvements alot.
- Tweaked evil events.
- Prestige when marrying now never lower than 0.


- Added in some new character names.
- Renamed the culture latin to occitan.
- Tweaked some databases for EU2 exporting.
- Fixed a bug which caused fortlevels to be practically eliminated from EU2 scenarios.
- Tweaked tax-income values from EU2 converter.
- Increased population in cities from eu2 converter, and made it dependant on a lot more factors.


***** 1066 Scenario *****

* Hungary
- Árpád dynasty greatly expanded/altered
- Géza Árpád in Trencin, Duke of Nyitra (SLOV)
- SLOV tag renamed to Nyitra
- Géza Árpád has a claim to the throne of Hungary now
- Archbishopry in Esztergom (PRES)
- László Árpád in Bihar, now a vassal of Géza Árpád
- King Salamon's demesnes: Pressburg, Sopron, Marmaros and Székelyföld
- Fejer is a county
- Ják dynasty in Vas
- Csák dynasty in Fejer
- Poth dynasty in Szekezfehervar
- Guthkeled Gút in Pécs
- Guthkeled Vid in Bács
- Csanád dynasty in Temes
- Szalók dynasty in Feher
- Borkalán dynasty in Pest
- Aba dynasty in Heves and Saris
- Balog dynasty in Gemer
- Hontpázmány dynasty in Nitra
- Szemere dynasty in Orava
- Kaplyon dynasty in Bereg
- Added ancestry, wives and children for the above where missing

* Sweden
- tweaked the religion of the provinces
- Norrland duchy removed. Counts independent.
- Uppland duchy created. Duke is Erik Anundsson, who now has a claim on King of Sweden
- Erik Stenkilsson made king
- fixed some issues with the Munsö dynasty

* Denmark
- Björn Svendsson made duke of Slesvig
- Holstein to duchy of Slesvig

- Did alot of rework in 1066 province setup to support religious setup
- Basque and Occitan cultures introduced and fixed
- "Saint Anna" character removed - dupl. of Ingegärd
- "Bonifacio", wife of Bonifacio of Mantua, now has the correct female name.
- Bernard-Beranger of Narbonne has correct father
- Created some proper Scandinavian dynasty names
- Mihajlo Vojislav's father Stefan fixed.
- The son and heir of the count of Steiermark now has the same dynasty has his father
- lots of other issues

- **** 1337 Scenario ****

* Germany
- Altmark to Brandenburg
- Passau to Bavaria
- Verdun(Bar) vassal of France. Bar dynasty
- Raoul/Rudolf's exwife fixed - she was not the daughter of Longshanks
- Andernach to Köln

* France
- Forqualqier to Naples (as a part of ct of Provence)
- King of France has claims on the English holdings in France
- De Coucy dynasty in Amiens actually named "de Coucy" and expanded.
- King slightly higher stewardship value
- King also has some appr. dukal titles: Languedoc, Champagne...
- Capet dynasty and it's branches extended quite a bit
- County of Narbonne created. Vicomte Aimery
- Charles d'Espagne of Angouleme moved to Lusignan
- Angouleme and Saintonge provinces to England
- Macon to Burgundy

* British Isles
- Alice de Lacy's family relations expanded
- Eleanor Douglas countess of Carrick
- Hampshire to Suffolk
- Laurence Hastings count of Dyfed (1st Earl of Pembroke)
- John Charleton in Powys
- "Mormaer" dynasty renamed "of Mar"
- Douglas dynasty in Galloway
- Royal English demesne expanded (Wales, Dorset, Somerset, Bristol now crownland).
- a few stronger English castles
- English Ireland:
- duchy of Ireland elective to represent the non-heriditary Lordship
- John Darcy Lord of Ireland
- James Butler in Urmunu
- FitzGeralds in Desmond and Osraige
- de Burgh in [Lower] Connacht
- Native Ireland:
- O'Brien in Thomond
- MacMurrough in Leinster
- O'Rourke in Sligo (Breifne)
- O'Domnaill in Tir Conaill
- O'Neill in Tir Eoghain
- O'Malley in Mayo

* Balkans & Hungary
- Belgrade to Serbia
- Nikola Zahumlje count of Zachlumia (Zahumlje).
- Mladen Subic count of Senj. dynasty created.
- Usora to Bosnia
- Veglia to Croatia
- Frangepan dynasty in Veglia
- Duchy of Croatia+Slavonia created, holder Miklos Prodanics
- Zagreb and Varazdin to Slavonia
- King of Hungary also king of Croatia
- Tamás Szécsényi Duke of Temes (irl Transylvania)
- Janos Vardai count of Bihar
- Meggyesi dynasty in Marmaros
- Alliance with Poland (as of the Treaty of Trencin in 1335)
- Osli dynasty in Krizeci, other brances in Vas and Sopron
- Telegdi dynasty in Csanad
- Ezstergom a bishopry, Bishop Csanad Telegdi
- Koszegi dynasty in Bacs
- Csak (de Trencin) family in Trencin
- Balassa dynasty in Gemes (Zolyomi) and Saris
- Bathori dynasty in Abauj
- Szentgyölgy in Bereg
- Debreneci in Heves

* Poland
- Piast dynasty expanded
- alliance with Hungary (as of the Treaty of Trencin in 1335)

* Baltics
- Teutonic order gets the correct headmaster
- County of Livs control Livland+Kurland to simulate the Livonian Order, Eberhard von Monstein grandmaster
- Bishopry of Samland (Samia) instituted. Bishop Johann
- Bishopry of Riga (prov Lettig.) instituted. Bishop Friedrich von Pernstein
- Bishopry of Dorpat created, bishop Engelbert von Dolen

* Italy
- Milan now a duchy. Salic primo
- Verona now a duchy. Salic primo
- expanded Visconti family in Milan
- Istria to Venice. The title did belong to Aquileia but Venice ruled it de facto
- Liege of Aquileia, Treviso, Saluces set Germany
- Fixed the d'Este family
- Piombino to Pisa
- Ancona now a republic

* Low Countries
- culture setup tweaked

* Asia minor
- Kingdom of Armenia removed. Removed Leo and Constanza d'Aragon (duplicates of the family in Armenica Minor)
- Leo of Armenia [minor] made Armenian Orthodox. Dynasty added.
- Expanded Armenian and Cypriot dynasties
- Connected Bagratuni branches in Imeritia, kingdom of Georgia and Principality of Georgia
- Abkhazia to Imeritia
- Nikomedia to the Turks. They controlled most of the province, if not the city - which fell to them in a few months from gamestart anyway
- Fixed some issues with Osman and Orhan the Ottomans

* Other
- Since claims generally are twice as costly in 1337, starting prestige changed to 250
- Some dynasties added
- Universities in the cities that had them: Bologna, Paris, Modena, Oxford, Padua, etc
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********* CRUSADER KINGS 1.05 CHANGE LOG *********

Crusader Kings 1.05 represents a massive undertaking in overhauling many game mechanisms, introducing many new features, and completely reworking and rebalancing almost all aspects of the game. This offical 1.05 enhancement was more than 18 months in the making; and would have been impossible without the support of Paradox's development team; the tireless dedication of a small group of betas; and most importantly it would never have happened without the continued interest of our fans in the Public Beta forum who have devoted countless hours making suggestions, posting feedback, testing, and assisting us with events and text translations...and so much more.

The following list of changes is only a general overview of the primary differences between 1.05 and 1.04. To view a complete and detailed list; please see the change logs that accompanied each of the 34 distinct public beta patches. (http://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum...ad.php?t=171465)

#### Gameplay ####

- Created new system of cyclical Crusades with varying targets based on game situation. The game will now consist of a series of shorter crusades, with periods of peace in between. The end of a crusade will occur at some time after the crusade target (as identified by hovering your mouse over the crusade flag) has been captured; and will happen sooner if surrounding provinces have also been captured.
- Introduced massive events to control Crusades and provide flavour while Crusades occur.
- The AI has been made reactive to Crusades and powerful rulers are likely to embark on aggressive campaigns in support of them.

- The maximum demesne size is now based on the ruler's INTRIGUE rating and not the ruler's stewardship rating.
- The Martial stat of the ruler and the marshal now determines the recruitment speed for the provincial regiments.
- Difficulty no longer affects regiment size, only speed of recruitment.
- Removed tax rate impact on regiment size.
- The Byzantine demesne bonus has been reduced.
- Rulers can now press the claims of co-belligerent vassals and/or courtiers if the ruler lacks his own claim.
- Peace is now enforced for all vassals (and vassals of vassals) when a liege makes peace. This includes truce periods.
- Higher titles (duke and king level) can now be created even if all provinces are held by your vassals and no demesne is present.
- Granting a Duchy/Kingdom title will also grant appropriate vassals.
- Destroyed titles may be recreated with only 1 province if a claim exists to the destroyed title.
- Titles are no longer destroyed by taking all demesne if the ruler still has vassals.
- New vassals are 100% loyal.
- Vassals very distant from liege demesne may break away.
- Vassals that become independent due to religious differences receive a claim on the liege.
- Vassals now sorted in loyalty order for liege.
- Vassals may now become rebellious if they are far away from their liege, or if they have a very high intrigue level, or if their liege has a very poor intrigue level, or if they are a different religion than their liege. This can lead to increased chances that they will attempt to assassinate their liege; or they may even attempt to initiate a civil war.
- Fixed assignment of Bishoprics from the Papal Controller's court to exclude married courtiers or those with court rank.
- Provinces that are a considerable distance from the demesne capital will tend to dissolve into anarchy and rebellion. When a human ruler is leading a regiment, any parts of his demesne that are far away from his current location (including provinces near the demesne capital!) may also be subject to revolt and thievery.
- The Pope can no longer inherit titles.
- The Pope receives base prestige equal to the Papal Controller per month. Some events now give the Pope and those around him extra piety.
- Only rulers may be excommunicated by the Papal Controller.
- Provinces converting to non-Christian lose all Christian buildings.
- Moslem ruler succession can sometimes trigger interesting (and tumultuous) results.
- Adjusted frequency of female birth and random spawning.
- Added loyalty adjustment for liege laws.
- Rulers are limited to one alliance, although it is possible to exploit this by responding affirmatively to two (or more) simultaneous offers.
- Now possible to agree when a courtier thinks they would "be a better" court member which will automatically promote them into that position.
- Bankruptcy now degrades fortifications instead of removing them.
- Formation of a Crusader State from within your lands is a boon to a ruler rather than a penalty.
- Implemented terrain restrictions on province buildings. No more advanced lumber industry in the desert.
- Tweaked province buildings/improvements cost, time, and effects.
- Rebalanced pillage gold and piety effects based on buildings and province effects.
- You should no longer be pested by non-coreligionist courtiers seeking officer positions in your court.
- The Pope and Patriarch are now only annoyed if you appoint heathens to court officer positions, but not if you simply have some unemployed ones in your court. However; the Pope will complain if you appoint Orthodox court officers during a crusade so players should generally avoid doing so except under extreme emergencies.

- Combat losses now displayed in results window.
- Regimental commanders of different religions will not claim lands for themselves but for the ruler while at war vs. religious enemies.
- Thieves, smugglers, and highway robbers are now more likely to spring up when the province regiment is away.
- Mercenary system now changed so mercenaries are sometimes useful.
- Tweaked many combat values to increase shock and reduce losses. Much more likely to see routs and less annhilation.
- Naval transport costs vastly increased and slowed speed. Extremely expensive to sail directly to religious enemy.

- Completely redesigned the Mongol Hordes, their initial armies, their wants, desires, succession preferences.

- The plague may now appear and almost any time and will spread not only through provinces, but also through courts.
- God now looks unfavorably on heathens, heretics, etc who somehow get control of (or could inherit control of) the Papacy of Religious Orders.
- Heretic provinces now red on religion map.
- All trait effects have been rebalanced. The previous "lisp" and "stutter" traits have been combined into the "lisp" trait, and the "intestinal worm" and "leper" traits have been eliminated. Three new traits have been introduced: "rebelliousness", "realm duress" and "parental upbringing". Rebelliousness means that a vassal is considering declaring independemce, or that he might attempt to wreak havoc within his liege's realm. Realm duress is a trait that a liege will receive if one or more of his vassals is attempting to initiate a civil war. Until he can regain stability by putting down all signs of rebellion, he will be at far greater risk of further uprisings. Parental upbringing is a trait given to a child when a ruler has decided to take a more direct hand in his or her education. It willl usuaully only occur for the player's immediate family.
- Full name and title is now the default for event effects.
- Mortality rates have been increased for all characters except for rulers and primary heirs
- Capitals now have some inertia.
- The restriction that removed chaste and lustful traits from younger characters when loading a save game has been removed.
- Random male courtiers will be generally a bit younger than before.

##### AI CHANGES #####

- AI of ALL religions will now grant titles (including setting up new counties and duchies)
- AI is now smarter at deciding when to accept a marriage proposal - especially when the target is a court member.
- AI Rulers will now attempt to pledge allegiance to default rulers (duke/king) under some conditions.
- AI tweaked for court position assignment.
- AI no longer claims titles of religious enemies.
- AI now grants Ducal titles to appropriate counts.
- AI now much, much smarter in wars and with mobilization of troops.
- AI now avoids revoking titles when vassals are disloyal.
- AI more likely to ally when marriage/family ties are involved.
- AI no longer automatically involves itself in inter-vassal wars.
- AI Kings more likely to Crusade.
- AI lieges will demand support of vassals on Crusade.
- AI Catholic rulers are less likely to accept muslim neighbours
- AI should no longer appoint court officers who aren't co-religionists.

##### EVENTS #####

- Added events for varying Heresies.
- Added in-depth system of child educational events
- Added a series of events making it more difficult to control non-religion provinces.
- Added a series of events to better model Mongol Horde succession.
- Added several series of events based on the court members.
- Added a series of events based on realm laws.
- Tweaked technology spread and discovery events for realm tier and current status (war, crusading, etc).
- Added a series of events that destabilize the Byzantine Empire.
- Added a series of intrigue events for vassals to get uppity.
- Crusader States will attempt to form themselves when Catholics make gains in the Holy Land.
- The Pope will ask nicely for Rome back, should you have it and should he be homeless. Beware saying 'No'.
- Added a siege event that could speed a siege... or not.
- Cultural and Religious Conversion events re-coded. Repeatedly. And then a few more times. And then once more.
- Added a series of events for bastard children to either turn into William the Bastard... or die horribly.
- Added a series of events for bastards to disrupt courts if they are so inclined.
- Added a series of regency events for child rulers. Beware your vassals.
- Made some logical adjustments to bankruptcy events defining what you can and cannot steal.
- The Pope and Patriarch get very unhappy when your court is run by heathens. Especially while a Crusade is in effect.
- Chancellors and Stewards impact length of revolts and province wealth.
- New ultracomplex event for distant vassals to break free from their lieges.
- New even more ultracomplex events added to make it rather difficult to maintain law, order, and loyalty in demesne provinces that are distant from the demesne capital (i.e. are not in the same area or an adjacent area). The player will also be at some risk of two of these events whenever the demesne's ruler is far away at war (an approximation of Prince John's treachery when Richard was off on crusade). The AI is not subject to this latter case since it could be too hard for it to manage.
- Added several battle and siege oriented events.
- Added a new event that no one expects, and that will do something with fear, surprise, ruthless efficiency and a fanatical devotion to the...er....

#### SCRIPTING ####

- Added "type = papacy" to event_effects file.
- Added "on_crusade" condition. Returns true on at war with Crusade target.
- Added condition to prevent any crusade starting (except "Retake Rome") if Rome is owned by a non-Catholic.
- Added a "province" condition to check province religion/etc.
- Added "type = court value = n" check for more than 'n' adults in a ruler's court.
- Added target "this" for further character events for the current target.
- Added target "knight" for random adult male courtier.
- Added "crusade_target_owner" to determine owner of the current crusade's target province.
- Added "declare_war" effect.
- "remove_regiment" effect fixified.
- Added "type = pregnant" condition.
- Added province condition "is_besieged"
- Added the 'papacy_csc' and 'controller_csc' csc conditions for character conditions.
- "papacy" and "controller" are now valid targets for character event effects.
- Added an 'any_enemy' csc condition for characters.
- Added an 'is_alive' condition.
- Added a 'primary_heir' which is true if first heir to his fathers primary title.
- Added a 'other_heir' which is true if a heir but not the first heir to his fathers primary title. ***seems not to be working at present***
- Added a 'primary_heir' csc for characters.
- Added a 'primary_heir' target for character effects.
- Added a 'other_heir' target for character effects, which picks a random heir which is not the primary heir of current char.
- Added a 'badboy' event effect for characters.

#### TECHNICAL ####

- Changed network protocal from tcp/ip to directplay internal.

#### BUG FIXES ####

- It is no longer possible to be at war with oneself.
- Female court members no longer lose assigned position when married to a courtier.
- Heretics and Excommunicated courtiers no longer granted bishoprics or Papacy.
- Siege and Occupation no longer reset on ruler death.
- Claims should no longer be received against religious enemies via event.
- Fixed faulty logic in health related events.
- Fixed nested event errors possibly responsible for many CTDs.
- Characters with 0 or less piety (or "scum of the earth" badboy) can not be canonized.
- Low fertility characters now less likely to sire bastards.
- Only christians can build churches, monasteries, templar houses, etc.
- Fixed the elusive Virtual Function Call CTD (and there was much rejoicing)
- Fixed hordes of CTDs and other bugs.
- Eliminated possibility to get multiple claims on the same title.
- It should be impossible for a character to receive two educations now.
- RND seeding is now correctly re-rolled for each instance that it is used.

###### SCENARIO CHANGES ######

The list of individual scenario changes annd corrections is simply too long to include in detail. Please go to http://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum...ad.php?t=171465 to view a complete list of all changes.

### CREDITS FOR 1.05 ###

- Johan Andersson - Producer. Without his support and willingness to do a considerable amount of coding during his "free time", this would never have been even remotely possible.

- MrT - project development coordinator, version control, game design, event scripting, database revisions, scenario revisions
- Byakhiam - game design, event scripting, database revisions, scenario revisions
- Grosshaus - game design, bug report management
- Havard - scenario revisions
- Solmyr - scenario revisions
- Styrbiorn - scenario revisions
- King - scenario revisions
- Mad King James - scenario revisions
- BiB - game design, coffee-maker-extraordinaire, head of the pro-Dutch lobby
- and a handful of the original beta team who tested and provided internal feedback (Txini, Secret Master, Drakken, Cat Lord, Guiness Monkey, Castellon, magdat, Sonny, Lucias Sulla, celedhring, and apologies to anyone we might have forgotten)

- ALL OF YOU! There is no way this would have happened without your interest and feedback
- In particular, the following members went "above and beyond" to provide special input (events, scenario revisions, text revisions, translations, names, and feedback): Jinnai, Duuk, King of Men, richvh, Gratianus, Zebedee, Clydog, Jools, Riddermark, CSK, Third Angel, Condottiere, Mikon Orod, JScott991, The Phoenix, Fat, Veldmaarschalk, Gaute65, Lord Leto, Cliffracer RIP, Damocles, NexusRTI, esbenmf, Alexandre, ambrox62, viper37, Imrryran, hildoceras, Fawr, Einar Matveinen, Osuna, Tommassi, and our apoligies to anyone we might have missed or forgotten over the course of the last 18 months of public beta.

We sincerely appreciate everything you have done to help us release this enhancement.
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