Feb 4, 2014

Just a question, I apologize if I post this in the wrong place.

I have been meaning to re-play EU1 for quite some time and not long ago I got a copy of it from Gamersgate. As it turned out, Vision Park's version doesn't have the music and contains some bugs (I'm using my old XP PC just to play the game). I quit playing after some times, dissatisfied. Recently, out of sheer coincidence I noticed that the User Interface for Avanquest/GSP version is slightly different than the normal EU1 I know (saw them in Amazon) and the release date is 20 August 2012 (said so in - all links I got from the sticky Buy EU here!.

My question: is the Avanquest/GSP version (20 August 2012) the latest EU1 release out there or is there a newer version?

Just want to make sure before I purchase it.



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EU1 is an old game. If some files of it have newer dates like 20.08.2012 then those are probably only from the installer of the seller and the game itself is still older.
However if you want an EU with lots of music I would suggest to get For the Glory (that uses the EU2 engine with improvements) and the Music mod!