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I gave up on a WC with Castille, because it was booooring.

I'll try a shorter timeframe - namely, I will try and unite Germany starting with the ascension of Friedrich the Great on May 10, 1668.

* Form Prussia (I start as Brandenburg, and can form Prussia as soon as I get 20 prestige)
* Connect the Prussian Lands
* Form Germany
* Become Holy Roman Emperor

Bonus goals:
* Take the Austrian provinces from Austria
* Humiliate France
* Make inroads into India

What will not happen:
* Taking land in America. The cost of doing anything in America outweighs the utility of anything I could gain there against major powers.
* Any aspirations to naval greatness. Again, cost issues.
Im a fan of all Germany Games, so, Subscribed ;)
Chapter 1: A crappy starting position

It does not take a long look at Brandenburg's situation in 1688 to see that a late-game start to try and unify Germany is going to be a hard slog.

Friedrich the Great ascends the throne...

The starting tech is based on the starting year - in this case, Level 33 is 1690. Research is moved to Government for another Idea. Our income...sucks.

Our starting units: Latin Knights in 1688? Might as well be using African Clubmen too. A switch to Gustavian Infantry and Gallop Cavalry is in order. Our starting army size is...anemic. We might be able to take candy from a baby...

Our starting Generals. Our best general dies before we can use him (within a year), because that's what generals do.

Starting ideas. At this stage in the game, there are no military ideas worth having, so of course, Brandenburg has 6. We switch out Glorious Arms (increased prestige from battles) for Smithian Economics. At this size, stab hits are nothing compared to the horror of having a crap economy.

Worse, Brandenburg starts "sliderly challenged".
Decentralization 4 - in 1688 this is going to HURT.
Aristocratic 3 - plutocratic is better late game.
Serfdom 4 - Ow.
Narrowminded 1 - This is one of those sliders where being in the middle is like laying down on a 16 lane highway.
Mercantilism 3 - Real useful when you don't own a CoT. Might be better if I can take Lubeck and Danzig.
Offensive 2 - Ve don't need no steenking forts!
Land 4 and Quality 3 - Our best slider positions.

A quick slider move to Free Subjects loses us 1 more stability. Starting off at -3 stability - woot!

Buildings: A 1688 start means that all available buildings (except War College/Admiralty) have been built. We have 2 shipyards, and a Naval Equipment Manufactory in Ostpreussen.

Decisions: We're 20 prestige away from forming Prussia. We could eat 5 stability to Accept Cultural Shift to Prussian...kinda silly since forming Prussia does that anyway. Licensing of the Press isn't worth it, but we can pass the Anti-Piracy Act. Pirates suck - we'll legislate them away!

Time to unpause and start the game!
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Looking forward to this! Those sliders are appalling and the NI's not great although I do like National Conscripts.
Always liked late start games, but then again, you do have the Sun King to worry about :0
As maybe you can tell, I'm a huge Prussia fan, so -- go for it! ;)

PhilleP: Thanks!

Hitmanalex: I'll need it.

PrawnStar: The best NI I had was National Trade Policy. National Conscripts and Grand Army will be the last ones I switch out, since I need manpower badly.

elbasto: If the AI were in charge, they'd be doomed.

Milites: Yeah, that's going to suck. I need at least 50 years before I want to try to even think about tangling with France, especially given the fickleness of AI allies.

m0rbid86: Yup.

aldriq: Poland or Austria, I think, are my natural first targets. I really want to ally with OE.

sprites, Hitmanalex, Unibrow: Unibrow is correct. It's National Trade Policy.

Didaa: Thank you!

Rensslaer: Prussian aggressiveness may be rewarded with being drawn and quartered, but you can't win if you don't try!

Beamed: The Prussian Eagle is surrounded by a lot of hungry dogs. I just had better not roll in the steak sauce first.
I gave up on a WC with Castille, because it was booooring.

Didn't follow that AAR much, but this one looks promising. I've never tried a game starting after 1453, so I am interested.

(but please, no cavalry only stacks ;) )
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Winner: A cav only stack in 1688 would be hamburger.

Teep: He'll be the great by the time I'm done! (we hope). But you are correct - too many Friedrichs.

oddman: As am I. Right now, the only neighbors I could take in a straight fight are all in the HRE and protected by Austria.