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Nov 17, 2014
Based on this:
and this:
I believe the lasgun (unintentionally?) fires two shots for the price of one (both in terms of shots/hits counted towards accuracy at the end of each map, and in ammo) either when you start or stop firing. The railgun, which supposedly should be doing 15 damage per energy unit (so a total of 225 damage) just barely kills a squid, sometimes leaving them alive with a sliver of health left, while the lasgun, but only when fired in short bursts, kills them with only 12 energy units (sometimes 14) spent, meaning it does a lot more than 8 damage per energy unit spent. I found the teslacoil normally needs about 36 energy units to kill a squid (more or less consistent with the 15 vs 6 damage per energy units mentioned in that second Steam forum thread).
Is this supposed to work like this?

P.S. I love this game to bits! (perhaps literally?)