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The longer I play a game of Magna Terra, the larger the save game file gets and the slower the game takes to respond. I am now up to 613 AVC and the save game file size is at 68 MGBs. When I try to play it, the game becomes very slow and will crash every 3 minutes, I have to be very careful not to pan around the map too quickly or it increases the likelyhood that the game will crash. Plus I have to save every week or so because otherwise when it crashes i have to start back over from the last save. It is really annoying, but I must play this game out till the end!

Is there anyway I can cut down the file size? Maybe that will help. The reason why the save game file sizes get so large is that they store the entire history of every province and every character dead or alive, right? So can I just cut out a whole bunch of dead characters from the save game file to reduce the file size? Or will that cause other problems when I try to browse through characters in the game?

There must be some way to cut the file size down as I suspect that this is what is causing all the constant crashes.

What would be the most efficient way to cut down the file size without damaging the game?