Feb 25, 2019
Dear developers,
as a PS4 user and a fan of both strategy games and Paradox, I want to express great disappointment for the lack of mouse support for the game.

For your information, you can plug any mouse or keyboard on a PS4 and they will work. Here is the Paradox related games that I own on PS4 that don't support mouse controls: Cities: Skyline, Pillars of Eternity, Prison Architect. Next one could be Stellaris.

I am sure that bringing mouse on console isn't free or easy, and I know that majority of players will use a controller, but given that the better way to play strategy games is clearly with mouse, it doesn't seem a great choice to deny the possibility to console users, especially when the game is a conversion of a game born to be played in that way.

I really appreciate your work and the games that you create, but this attitude seem to disregard the category of players that you should instead aim to: people that love strategy games but cannot play them on their computer and would rather use them on their console.