Lack of "bridge" elevation means railways cannot traverse narrow sea lanes

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Jun 12, 2023
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Lack of "bridge" elevation means railways cannot traverse narrow sea lanes

Steps to reproduce​

Create a narrow sea lane, terraform underwater ground level so there is sufficient elevation to fit the railway between maximum network height of 50m and minimum 40m clearance required above sea lane, attempt to draw a railway

Expected Result​

There should be a "bridge" elevation/network (as exists for roads) with fewer pillars

Actual Result​

There is only an "elevated" elevation/network, so there are too many pillars

Game Version​


Affected Feature​

  • Gameplay


  • Steam

Additional Information​

Additional Information​

Issue only appeared following 1.0.15f1 hotfix, I note the change log: "Improved elevated road construction (Not actual bridges) to require more pillars"

Screenshot shows a narrow sea lane with an elevated road (pillars falling within the area of the sea lane), a bridge road (pillars falling outside of the area of the se lane), and attempting to build an elevated railway line and the game saying it is not possible due to overlapping pillars.

I believe a dedicated "bridge" elevation for railways would fix this.

Save Game​

Other Attachments​

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Ignore this, just don’t build railway bridges. This will be fixed in the Expansion pack Bridges & Ports. :cool:

P.S. That was sarcasm :p
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Ran across this problem as well so what I did was to dredge up beneath the river and just build a sunken rail tunnel. Seems like a big oversight by the devs not being able to build rail bridge over shipping lanes!
It would be great to understand if this is considered a bug, as designed, or if further information is required. I can see that other bug reports from around the same time period have received a flag from the QA team so bumping this in the hope it is reviewed.
It’s now February and this bug isn’t fixed. It’s actually annoying enough that I’m about to undownload the game entirely and never pick it up again. This seems like such an incredibly easy fix - how is this still being ignored? Every work around the internet suggests doesn’t work anymore which makes me wonder if they are patching them. Ffs the amount of hoops you have to jump to even comment on a thread on here was ridiculous.
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