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The Quixotic Emperor of Mexico
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Hey all,
This is my first attempt an AAR and to be honest, i have no idea what form it will take. I'll probably end up using alot of different styles and hopefully, i'll be able to entertain. My main goal here is to tell a good story, and I'm not above modding events to meet the skeleton of how i see this going. I am playing on a mac and using the latest VIP and 1.03c patch, along with some graphics mods, which you may notice. While this is far from the first game i ever played, my skill with the game has barely increased since then, so we'll see how this goes. Any and all tips and feedback welcomed. So without further ado, enjoy

Latin American History: Mexico

Mexico, in the year of our lord 1836, was a large, sparsely populated, resource rich Nation. Yankee’s vied with Mexicans for control of Texas and Alta California while both parties attempted to survive the Apache. In Mexico proper, the military dictatorship riled the standard peasant, while the perfidious Mayans plotted against Mexico City.

Mexico was a nation of poverty, though some investment by the French and British were having mild effects on the economy. As the treasury melted away, President and General Antonio de Padua María Severino López de Santa Anna y Pérez de Lebrón marched the bulk of the Mexican Army towards the rebellious province of Texas, along with the Army of the South under the leadership of Lt. General Roberto Cos.

The Texans fielded a small, if skilled, army. Where the Texans had to make up numbers with quality, Santa Anna had the luxury of mediocrity and sheer numbers. The strategy adopted by Santa Anna and his generals was essentially to pound the Texans flat as quickly as possible, lessening the chance that Los Estados Unidos might intervene in what the republic considered an internal matter.



Generals Santa Anna and Cos make there way to Texas
Looking good so far. Mexico is always an interesting nation to play. I wil be following this.

No offense, but I hope the United States and Texas destroy you.
(I have a grudge against Mexico :D )
Good luck.
Defeat those dirty Texan dogs.
Anything with Santa Anna, I am in.... ;)
Jingles - Thanks, I can say that its been fun so far. No offense taken, Mexico is an easy country to hold a grudge against. Its just so big and green...

anonymous4401 - Thanks, Playing VIP Mexico, i think i might need it

Anarhco Liberal - Those Texans sure can fight

Patrick O'Harte - The Cuban in me is appalled i made such a simple mistake, but the Puerto Rican in me insists that i am gramatically correct :rolleyes:

prussiablue - I'll try not to dissapoint

An excerpt from “I Can Hardly Recollect the Alamo or the Goliad, How About You, Tom?” By Professor Marcel Dutord, Mexico City Press, 1988

As Santa Anna moved his forces towards the province, the Texans geared up for what they knew would be a hard battle. It was no secret to “President” Sam Houston and his Legislature that the Texans faced long odds, and without some sort of decisive victory to force Mexico to the table or at least secure US intervention, independence would remain illusive ( it is interesting to note that the legislature was indeed very much “his”, as Houston had been granted emergency powers to see the rebellion through, reducing the Legislature to a mere rubber stamp).

It was decided by Houston and his “advisors” that it would behoove the Texans to strangle Mexican trade with the US and Europe, as a way of bringing the effects of their little rebellion to the homes of all Mexicans. What they didn’t understand was that Mexico’s economy was already dead, and as we all know, the only way to defeat a zombie is by severing the brain stem; choking a corpse will do you no good. The toll Texan privateers took on Mexican shipping is unknown, due to the fact that Santa Anna’s military dictatorship was made up almost entirely of Army men who seemed to have forgotten that the Navy even existed. The Generals and few civilians that made up the government kept no records.


Privateers commissioned by the Texans cost more to operate than it was worth

On February 1st, 1836, a force of some 2000 Texans moved in to occupy the town of Corpus Christi, which had been loyal to Mexico City up until that point. Nevertheless, the Texans found collaborators, and swiftly moved to control most of the town and its environs.


They would not be able to complete their hold however, as General Cos and the Army of the South moved into the area on February 21st, some three weeks after the Texans had arrived. Though an Aristocrat, General Cos was not a stodgy tactician. Despite being a student of Clausewitz, he had studied Jomini as well, finding his ideas particularly useful in Cavalry warfare.

Having arrived late in the day on the 21st, it was obvious to both sides that any confrontation between the two would take place the next day. The Texans were men of the frontier; men of excellent marksmanship and never easily deterred, as the initial confrontations had proven. General Cos knew his opponents well.

Cos and his Army camped a mile outside of Corpus Christi proper, the Texans choosing to camp in closer proximity to the town. As darkness fell, Cos ordered his best Cavalry troops, a crack unit of some 200 horse already exhausted from the march, to raid the Texan encampment. The Texan pickettes, taking that duty as seriously as anyone could expect, were quickly over run and slaughtered without ever being able to inform Colonel Parmer, commander of the Texan division in Corpus Christi. The Mexicans inflicted very few casualties, considering, and mostly managed to burn a few things. Cos continued to order raids on the camp throughout the night, coming from all directions, including once out of the town itself. While this left nearly half of his Cavalry unable to partake in the proper battle over the course of the next two days, it did not matter. The desired effect had taken hold, and the Texans quickly retreated.


Harrassed, outnumbered, and Exhausted, Parmer’s troops pull out of Corpus Christi

Parmer and his troops took the defeat very well; nearly every man there had known the odds and Cos had outnumbered them nearly 8:1. They expected to return to San Antonio, regroup with the forces there and the reinforcements promised by the provisional government. What they had not counted on was the combination of Santa Anna and some red tape, of a lovely, dark shade (some argue the tape might have been tied into a bow, but Texans were and are not known for their love of ornaments).

27,000 men strong, Santa Anna and his Army of Mexico had already routed the Texan Garrison in San Antonio and was making short work of the Texan guerillas in the city itself. Rather than bogging down his troops in street fighting (Santa Anna had been partaking in warfare for a long time, and the example of Napoleon in Spain was still surprisingly fresh in his mind), Santa Anna used his artillery, admittedly limited but more numerous than his Texan counterpart, to flush the guerillas out, knocking down house after house.

It was then, that on the 25th, Parmer and his boys arrived. Fairly well supplied and having taken the march easy, the Texans were enraged to find their Mexican Overlord trying to occupy a by-god-part of Texas. It was then, on the 25th, that some 1910 Texans took on 26,940 Mexicans.


Colonel Parmer was later nicknamed "Col. Batshit-Loco"

Elsewhere on the 25th, the promised Reinforcements arrived. However, due to the wonders of a swiftly expanding Texan Bureaucracy, a misunderstanding between the Commander-in-Chief and General Hood led the 1st Texan Cavalry to gallop towards Corpus Christi, and not to San Antonio as was actually planned. Though initially startled (intelligence – such as it was in those days – had led Cos to understand that the 1st Cavalry would be in San Antonio as it should have been), Cos was able to mount a competent, if uninspired, defense.


General Cos engages in a rather forgettable defense
What are the triggers for the Battle of San Jacinto, and is it irresistible?
Very interesting so far. Mexico is one of my favourite countries to play, but from what I gather VIP makes things very, very tough.
Way to kick Texan Ass.
Maximilliano said:
Patrick O'Harte - The Cuban in me is appalled i made such a simple mistake, but the Puerto Rican in me insists that i am gramatically correct :rolleyes:

Do not worry, Cubans are not known for speaking good Spanish :D good AAR so far...
Part 1 of 2

anonymous4401- as far as i can tell, as long as Texas exists and is at war with Mexico, then it'll fire

Fiftypence- Mexico is probably one of the more fascinating countries (for me at least) and that makes it a blast to play as. As for VIP, well... it makes the game much more realistic, if 5x as hard as well.

Anarhco Liberal- Say what you will about the texans, but never count them out ;)

Caudillo- True, but try telling that to the Cubans :rolleyes:

Thanks all for reading, and now on with the show


The Battles at San Antonio and Corpus Christi continued for nearly a month. Parmer’s Corps was eventually wiped out to the last man, including the finally promoted General Parmer. In Corpus Christi, the ragged elements of 1st Cavalry retreated, but not without inflicting heavy losses on General Cos’ Army of the South.


On the 28th, the order came to Cos from Santa Anna himself: they would be proceeding to engage the bulk of the Rebel Army in the more populated eastern half of the province. Cos was to take his troops into San Antonio to cover Santa Anna’s flank as he marched into the heart of Rebel-held territory.

The order was fortuitous. Cos made it to San Antonio on the 16th, the same day that Santa Anna arrived in South East Texas (known now as Houston). The 16th also happened to be the day that the 1st Cavalry arrived at there properly designated theater. An exhausted Army of the South skirmished with the equally exhausted 1st Cavalry, before Hood pulled out on the 19th.

Santa Anna was facing trouble in South East Texas. Everyone (besides Santa Anna) knew his skills lay in the administrative side of warfare, rather than on the field itself. President-General Sam Houston, however was exactly what Santa Anna thought Santa Anna was. It was with this in mind that Houston positioned his 7900 men against the advancing 25,000 Mexicans.

With those numbers, it won't be much of a fight...
Glad I caught this AAR from the beginning.
Onward Napoleon of the West!
Houston is a tough foe. In my Mexican AAR, he seemed to jump around everywhere inflicting loss after loss with far inferior forces. But then again, I was slowly getting frunk when playing that, so perhaps that's it. ;)

Good luck beating the Texans. Glad I came across this as I too love a good Mexican AAR.
anonymous4401- Oh you'ld be surprised what the Texans can do

Fiftypence- haha they seem to enjoy fighting the bitter end

Fnuco- Napoleon of the West... as if Santa Anna needs more of an ego ;)

Jingles- Thanks! And... Well I tried to kill Mexico for you, but turns out its an entire country, not just one person. And um... i might not be updating for awhile cause it seems "killing people" is a crime. Oh well, c'est la vie

coz1- Houston was definately a worthy opponent, no matter how "frunk" you might get. Er, but of course, I wouldn't know that personally, being underage and all

Thank you commenters and readers, next updates coming in a few moments