Kriegserklärungen / Declarations of war

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Dec 7, 2020
Hallo! Anders als in HOI II kann man in DH im 1914 Szenario Ländern nicht ohne weiteres den Krieg erklären (soweit ich es sehe). Es müssen BEdingungen wie eine bestimmte Aggressivitätsstufe beim Angreifer und Verteidiger gegeben sein sowie negative Beziehungswerte > -10.... ist das korrekt?
Wie kann man diese Werte erreichen (sowohl bei der eigenen Nation als auch der Nation, die man angreifen möchte)?
Gibt es ggf. einen Trick wie man den Krieg erklären kann ohne diese Werte zu erfüllen (außer dem editieren der Save-Datei)?

Hi! Unlike in HOI II, one can not simply declare war on countries in DH in the 1914 scenario (as far as I can see). There must be conditions fullfilled such as a certain level of aggressiveness in the attacker and defender nation as well as negative relationship values > -10 .... is that correct?
How can you achieve these values (both in your own nation and in the nation you want to attack)?
Is there a trick how you can declare war without fullfill these values (apart from editing the save file)?


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Sep 13, 2011
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How can you achieve these values (both in your own nation and in the nation you want to attack)?

The DoW-Relations (Declaration of War) as they are called in short in the diplo-section, are very much influenced by the 2 sliders
democratic - authoritarian
interventionism - isolationism
There is probably a lot more to it...

But, as I realize playing China at the moment, having played mainly Germany 1933 hasn't been the best introduction to the diplomatic features of the game, so I am basically having the same problems as you.
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Dec 13, 2002
I'll take a shot in the dark - cheat. Open up the terminal, use the "acceptall" ccommand, declare war, remove the command and close the terminal?

Rosa Parks IV

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Feb 12, 2021
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Stop being a democracy, or be a democracy that has interventionism. The more interventionism you have, the less aggressive the country has to be for you to declare war.