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Jul 14, 2012
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At the present time this isn't ready but hopefully will be very soon.

Okay, so welcome. This is what I'm simply calling My Mod, hopefully temporarily.

It is a culmination of my work on my previous two mods, several little tweaks I fancy improve the game in a way that also includes little things from other people that I feel improve the game or fit with the mod that I have permission to use.

So, below is an explanation of the mod. I'm looking to gain opinions and so on before I release and mostly see if anyone has any suggestions and so on. Also, if anyone can think of what category this would fall under in the List of Mods thread I'd much appreciate it...at the moment I'm referring to it as a 'Mini Overhaul'

Changelog of First Release:
Increases cost of breaking a truce
Increases cost of attacking someone on crusade
Quadruples the cost of attacking an ally
Increases Piety for releasing someone from prison
Increases Demesne limits
Increases number of elector titles legally held
Increases cost of Assassination
Increases the TOG Prep invasion county limits
To ask for vassalisation costs 10 gold as you should probably send a small gift with your request.
costs 10 piety to break betrothal
Halves the amount of time a chancellor must have been on a job before you can reassign
Halves the prestige damage and reward for marrying someone of a different tier
Adds a month to how long you can have vassal's troops raised before they get upset
Doubles pagan concubine prestige
You may only LEAD one faction at a time
Lowers the ages for Marriage and for adult portraits but not the actual LEGAL adulthood age (so you don't lose out on time educating)
Makes old age portrait activate at 55
Increases mortality rates for ages below forty, some ages slightly, others drastically.
Increases death due to and during birth of mother and child but only slightly.
Alters prestige received for titles, most cases increasing it.
Increases the Dynasty prestige calculation quantities.
Big piety bonuses for granting King and Duke tier titles to the church
Halves cost to destroy titles
Changes title claiming changes
Increases Republic and Theocracy max levels in a realm to 65%. Will probably be revised down to 45%, I'm unsure
Increases land needed to form kings drastically, and to usurp Kings and Emperors
Adds a morale penalty for not having a leader of an army
Increases value of battles
Lowers opinions needed for vassals to give you troops...not by much but just a little
Increases value of taking the capital
My usual edits to the RD values
One in 860 for those who fancy making the King of Northumbria or East Anglia into King of England
One in 873, where the Danes have conquered half of England
One in 883, where Alfred is the last Saxon alive and presides over half of Mercia as well
Landed Titles
Localisation changes mostly
Three new titles for the sake of events and making things easier; WRE, Anglecynn, Danelaw
Changes Ubbing to Lodbrok and makes Ragnarr, Halfdan and Ubbe part of it.
On Actions
Makes taking a prisoner more likely in a siege
Adds a heresy to any religion you can convert to for the sake of a woman called Norse *religion* and Events to go with it. These are religions primarily for the sake of allowing you to not forget how to traverse rivers when you convert but it's also because a fair few Norse initially didn't completely convert.
Opinion Edits
Conversion decisions have been edited
Realm decisions edited to allow the creation of Rome from the POV of WRE
Hiring Decision inspired by the like found in every overhaul mod.
Draigcalon(dragonheart) or Arthur Reborn, whichever you like best, event chain for conquering all of the Briton territories as the King of the Britons.
Prestige granting events for reconquering the 'Anglecynn' as a Saxon, also for conquering it as a Dane
WRE title related events to change it's name mostly.
Edits the take a lover events allowing for Homosexuals to take on a lover of the same sex
Edits the forming of Rome events
Changes some death dates, edits the spawned armies of Halfdan and Ivars (I was finding they were losing 9/10 times)
Adds Æthelred the Earldorman of Mercia, marries him to Æthelflaed, Alfred's daughter
Adds/changes Alfred's kids, including the possible bastard son he had in his youth.
Rearranges the Saxon kingdom borders.
Takes Ælle's reign back to 860, though in all likelyhood he hadn't usurped it yet but it's the easiest way to make that bookmark work
Gives Ragnarr the lands in 860 that his sons only gain, according to the files, on his death, thus assuming they inherited them. I pushed his death back by maybe a month for this.
Kingdom of Wales is Gwynnedd, King of the Britons.
Saxon titles relocalised. Earldormen, High Reeves and Thegns.
Welsh Localisation, Dukes are princes.
Some small
Updated Duel Engine will be included, courtesy of the original creator Galle and Jordarkelf who made it Vanilla compatible
Will include Ancient Religions, belonging to Superskierpet. This is the main reason it isn't being released now as AR isn't completely ready yet.

Recommended Accompaniments:
ARKO's graphical changes, which will require that you delete his Landed_titles.txt file and overwrite his Dynasties file with a Dynasties file I shall provide with the small edit, with the permission of Arko.

Future Plans:
Give it a real name.
Make compatible file patches for SWMH, by Aasmul and the rest of the team. I can't get this to work right now.
Revamp Armies. This is way of in the future as I don't have the knowledge necessary, I'm not sure how to go about it and it would require a hell of a lot of work that would be a mod in it's own right really. If anyone is curious about this and is interested in getting involved, offering aid and so on I'm happy to discuss my idea with them.
Small tweaks to the vanilla game, like the Defines edits and the edits to the Lover taking event changing.

Nivve, who explained a fair few things to me and just helped out in general.
Galle and Jordarkelf for the Duel Engine
Superskierpet for AR
Arko for permission to distribute my edited version of his file
Anyone who helped me with Saxonborn and No Requirements
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