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That's usually caused by a corrupted save game, which the process I gave will fix. Has the game ever run on this phone, or never yet?
Yes it has run on this phone before, I got pretty far into the game (well level 25ish far) and restarting my game does not matter to me because I enjoy the grind and I’ve followed the process that would fix it and it didn’t work.

I’ve tried it multiple times now. I uninstalling the app, restarting my phone, resetting caches from the App Store and then reinstalled it and the app still freezes even when there are no corrupted saves.

I’ve also looked at recent ways to clear cache from iPhones, still does not fix this bug.
FYI I have the latest iOS version on my iPhone and iPad, and the game runs just fine for me. So this is not a game bug or an incompatibility with the latest iOS update 12.4.1 . I frankly don't know what's happened to you here!

Do you have any other devices to try the game on?
Chests opened on the main menu before selecting a save are wasted, the items disappear and are never seen again, you don't get your money back, and your free chest is wasted.

Edit: Content purchased on PC before the freemium switch does not transfer over to mobile. Unsure if intended or a bug, but if intended it should change. I shouldn't have to buy the DLC twice.

I have a Surfer, Dwarf, Warrior and if he is poisoned then getting energy via the Radiance from my Cheerleader, Human, Cleric won't heal/remove it.
I'm playing on an Android 5 device.
Hi I did the cache reset and downloaded the app again but it still continues to freeze.

Hey buddy! I know it's pretty late but this might help others.

I use android but I also encountered this issue.

Just open you wifi and it might fix it, i think this is for free chest, free diamonds for watching ads reset, etc.

Hope this will be helpful.


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