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King Arthur II – Features in Detail
Part 1

King Arthur II is a Role-playing Wargame, or, in other words, a unique blend of RPGs and strategy games. The gameplay on the Campaign Map is turn-based while the battles are huge real-time assaults, where players issue orders to their units in the heat of the moment.

You’ll see plenty of RPG elements as well, such Quests, also known as Knightly adventures, detailed character development, artifacts, and much more.

King Arthur II is also a fantasy game, with magic playing a crucial part in your adventure. Only through use of both arcane powers and tactical wits will players earn their place on the throne of a huge and mysterious land, ancient Britannia.


Campaign Map & Management

The Campaign Map of King Arthur II is the eerily beautiful island of mystical Britannia, a fully three dimensional map with rivers, forests, marshlands, towns and legendary places. The area you can explore is twice as big as it was in the first game, now including everything from Cornwall to the northernmost corner of the land. You can venture even beyond Hadrian's Wall and conquer the territory of the savage Pict hordes.

The Campaign Map is the home of storytelling, adventures and management. With armies at their back, players will lead their heroes to explore, conquer, visit locations where they can embark on adventures, establish diplomatic relations, gather and forge new artifacts, perform research and make tough decisions regarding both the story and their personal safety. One turn on the campaign map equals one season. Winter is a special season, as it’s the only time you can upgrade areas under your control, research new lore and level up your armies and heroes.


All heroes and units gain experience in battles, and as they level up you’ll be deciding how to train your army; which skills and abilities they should learn, improve and master.

There are seven different types of arms in King Arthur II, ranging from archers, to cavalry, to light infantry and more besides, not to mention a vast numbers of terrifying monsters. You’ll also see three different hero classes in the game: Champions, Warlords and Sages. A hero’s class defines his basic ability levels and some of his available skills. There are two skill trees for every hero: one based on their class and a second, personal skill tree unique for each hero.


A hero can also marry the lady of his choice, or rather your choice, but beware! Just like in real life, the burden of marriage should not be shouldered lightly, and a poor choice can bring disadvantages. :) It’s just as the old gameplay tip from the first game states: 'It's not a wise thing to decide on a future bride solely on the basis of her portrait.'

It’s within this broad and varied framework that you’ll be fighting your way through Britannia and defeating the monstrous Fomorians. The stakes are high: if King Arthur fails, this nightmare will never end.

Stay tuned, because we’re only getting started! The details of our most exciting features will come weekly from now on.

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arg no access to screenshots from work but can't wait to see campaign map :)

Keep up the good work