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The most important and complex phase of King Arthur II begins when you lead your armies into real-time battles. These skirmishes take place on very detailed, fully three dimensional battle maps, where you can see thousands of soldiers, cast stunning spells and perform various tactical actions. Battles will provide you varied challenges, where your primary goal is to clear Britannia from all those savage hordes.


There are several Strategic Locations on the battlemaps that will help you with that. If you capture these spots, they’ll grant you different bonuses you can use on the entire battlemap as long as you control the location (unlike the first game where you took advantage of these bonuses only in a certain area around the location). They can increase your Magic Shield, grant you powerful spells, increase your spells’ penetration level and much more.

But let’s get to the point: MAGIC :) The heroes of Britannia are no ordinary warriors. Chroniclers praise their legendary deeds- how they fight with incredible vigour and smite down their enemies with terrible blows. Some heroes perform heavenly miracles or have learned the ways of ancient wizardry. They possess abilities that affect everyone in their vicinity or even the whole army.


The spells in King Arthur II can be passive, which means that they always grant benefits, or active, meaning they cost Mana. Spells can have an instant effect (Winds of the North) or they can require time to be cast (Fireball), and they can last for a fraction of a minute (Lightning Bolt) or they might have a duration (Venomous Curse). All of them, however, have a cooldown value, which determines how soon they can be used again.


Some of the more powerful spells require time to be fully activated and they can’t be cast while the hero is involved in melee combat. When an enemy hero begins casting such a spell, you will receive a notification. And here comes the best part: spells and skills that have a casting time can be breached! If the caster is interrupted while activating the spell or skill, he won’t be able to finish it. He stops weaving the spell, and while it won’t have any effect the spell’s Mana cost will still be lost.


Also very important is that every army starts the battle with a Magic Shield. The Magic Shield is a global forcefield that protects your army from spells. Different spells have different Spell Penetration ratings. This rating tells you whether or not a spell can break through the Magic Shield. Even if your spell can’t break through the enemy’s Magic Shield and the spell fails, it still reduces their Magic Shield.

There are a couple of things you might want to consider while you use magic: Area spells can cause considerable damage if you’re patient and you wait for – or create – the perfect opportunity, when there are many hostile warriors in the given area. Spells that don’t inflict HP damage but destroy a percentage of the soldiers in the unit are more beneficial when used against very strong units. Finding out spell combos like these will give you a considerable edge in battles.

Rebuild Britannia and rule in a new world of Magic and Power!

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