King Arthur Collection end King Arthur II i cant play the game it's dosent start HELP

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Oct 5, 2014
  • King Arthur II
Hello, I buy the game 3 days ago (" King Arthur Collection end KA2 the entire game with DLC) from STEAM, i download the game end install properly end update from steam then i whanted to play end he dident start, a screan appear ("Cannot load EngineSupplier.dll ! Probably Microsoft DirectX is not instaled properly. Do u whant to intall now ?") I push YES then another screan appear end its say i dont have the administrator rights to install directx .... then i go to game folder to Installutils end install'it manually, i guess is a directx 9 there bicause i see on system requirements. big problem i have windows 8.1 whit directx 11.2 end i cant unistall the directx for a lower version. NEEED your profesional help on this one ... i try to resolve the problem myself but i cant. Please help me i dont whant to be a waste of time end money ... end suprizley i like the game end i whant try it ....

Here is the DXdiag from my pc.View attachment DxDiag.txt