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May 19, 2020
1. What platform are you using? PS4
2. What version of the game are you using? Most recent
3. What DLC do you have installed? All except the new humanoids pack.
4. When did this start happening? 7/1/2020, exactly 8:22 PM EST
5. Can you replicate it, if so, please explain how: I’d need to start a new game or wait for the fractured Khanate to re-unite.
6. Does this happen on all saves or just specific ones? Just this specific game for now.
7. What steps have you taken to try and solve this yourself (reinstall, Google error code etc)? None

The story is thus:
I started a new game as a Determined Exterminator. I set the game to contain 2 marauder factions, since this is my first game with the Apocalypse DLC.

The first marauder empire spawned 7 or 8 jumps to the north of my home system, and were eradicated before they became a threat. The second marauder empire was on the other side of 2 AI empires and a Fallen Empire from me, so they got lucky and were allowed to live, for a time.

Marauder Empire 2 eventually gets itself a Khan, and begins spreading like a an actual Crisis. I begin exterminating my way to them, as they are by far the largest threat now. I destroy a starbase, the system goes back to neutral. Second system, I destroy the base and eventually notice the Khan still owns the system. There's a planet! Awesome, I've been wanting to neutron sweep some stuff with my colossus!

I get the colossus over there... and I can't sweep the planet. I'm told that this planet 'does not belong to a hostile empire.' Similarly, having a regular fleet of ships target said planet results in my fleet orbiting the planet, and *not* bombarding my organic enemies as I expected.

I don't know if this is an actual bug, per se, however... A hostile AI power that takes systems over like a slightly slower Scourge? Seems like it should be a valid target for a colossus or at least regular old orbital bombardment.