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Dominus et Deuculus
Dec 6, 2005
As it's name implies, main feature of this mod is reworking of ingame graphics. For now, I focused on character traits and various minor elements listed below.

[KER] Graphic Mod

-changed pictures for battlefield traits
-changed pictures for rulers traits (blue backgroud - positive; grey - negative; temple/building background)
-changed pictures for governors traits (blue book - decrease rr/corruption; red book - increase rr/corruption)
-changed movement arrows (green)
-changed some tradegoods icons (amber looks like amber now, iron differs more from stone - two crossed swords, wine is now represented by grape)
-changed character statistics icons, as I kept confusing them: martial stays, charisma is now golden tongue, finesee is old charisma symbol (flower) -> blue; popularity = oak leaves, loyalty stays; corruption = money

-rest of the traits
-some flags (based on historical shields)
-some further changes to the interface (nat. ideas?)

Mod for Europa Universalis: Rome, patch 1.1
Because moddir doesn't work for graphic mods, unpack this into [Europa Universalis - Rome]\ directory. Don't forget to make the backup of relevant files. Enjoy ;)

I tried to add some screenshots, but every one I took turned black :( Hope you'll enjoy it anyway ;)


Dominus et Deuculus
Dec 6, 2005
Well, over 100 downloads yet not a single opinion... So, are you interested in continuing this project? I have some ideas for more traits icons - most important are the ones that increase and decrease prestige of character, as he can be a potential ruler...