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Duke of Wellington

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Sep 4, 2005
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Welcome to my latest AAR. For this one I'll be playing as the nation of Kanem Bornu. Who's that you say? Well stick with me and I'll fill you in, but in the meantime a few other details. This game is being played with In Nomine and the Whole World Mod which removes all the Permanent Terra Incognita. All settings are normal with the exception of lucky nations which is switched to random.

I'm not a particularly skilled player so to cover that up I will be roleplaying this AAR which more or less means no particularly gamey tactics and trying to keep things generally realistic. Now without further ado, the AAR.


This picture more or less sums up the situation in Kanem Bornu in 1399. First we see that the world consists of a lot of unknown and not a lot of Kanem Bornu. What can be said is that we are somewhere in Africa. It's not a big help but it's a start.

Next we find that foreign policy might more aptly be termed Hausa policy. Hausa is the only other nation we even know exists. This is certainly not a nation that dabbles in great power politics like some sort of Saharan Bismarck.

Thirdly we see the most pressing situation in Kanem Bornu at the moment. Rebels. 3000 of them. 2000 more men than Kanem Bornu actually controls to be exact. This will be difficult to stop.
Awesome! A new Duke of Wellington AAR! You know I'm on board.

But the position...Doh! Not what you wanted when you started. Good luck getting out of this. Perhaps those rebels are uzbek. ;)
Great to se you start a new AAR, specially when you're using such a challenging country, good luck and I'll be following.
Yes I do want to read this from the start!

There are just too many good AAR coming out :D

Tough position, interesting how you are going to dig yourself out.
I especially love the possibility to wide and extensive diplomatic intrigue, which your foreign, er... I mean Hausa policy offers.
Submit to the glorious revolution! Spread the revolution to Hausa, the only other nation on the planet and your bitter rival.
I read your Shaybanid AAR a couple weeks ago and loved it. I'm really looking forward to what you can do with this.
Hell yeah!

I'll be following for sure.
Hopefully this won't be renamed "Confessions of an African Speedbump"... :)
Good nation choice. It's much mroe fun with little silly nations in a corner somewere. (Why did you use the Whole world mod eliminating the corner?)
Good stuff, Duke. Did you pick your new nation by scanning the world for the first rebellion you could find? :D

One of these days you need to do an AAR as the rebels in some kind of anAARchist's paradise AAR and conquer the world for the forces of anti-governmentarianism. And then I foresee rebellions against the rebel government :p