Japan US surrender event?

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Jul 16, 2021
Hello. I picked up DH after not having played for several years. I have never played as japan, so its been an interesting experience. I annex China in 1939, Dutch Indonesia and the Philipines in 1941, india in 43, but the thing is though, I am at 1944, I have occupied most of the western half of the united states, all of hawaii, Alaska, and a few of their pacific Islands. Im a little suprised, especially since at one point, I even more of the south and new england, I got pushed back a bit, but I guess my question is, is there any kind of Peace event between US and Japan?


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Sep 15, 2008
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If i recall, the event will trigger if you annex at least 2/3 of US mainland including their island VP's, then an event will trigger between Status Quo, continue or divide the country.