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4th February 1944 - 25th March 1944

Victory in the attack on Harrisburg.

Being attacked at Hartford but does not look dangerous.

Harrisburg is mine, and soon I can destroy many US divisions.

Two new technologies finished researching; "Semi-Modern Battlecruiser" and "Infantery Equipment - Tropical Climate". Giving me all "Infantery Equipment" technologies. Next up I start researching "Advanced Medium Tank" and "Strategic Bomber 1939".

Destroying US divisions.

I sank an US ship outside Washington.

Washington is mine, and destroyed some US divisions there.

Destroying more US divisions.

Sinking more US ships; 3 Transports.

Attacking Boston, the last Victory-Point province of USA.

USA down to 17 INF divisions.

Marquette is revolting. I send Milita divisions there to take out the partisan division.

4 more infantery divisions ready for deployment.

The battle for Boston.

One more US division arrived in Boston. I am also launching an attack on Syracuse.

I have Boston!

But I can't annex.

Because I had not seen that there is a Victory-Point province more in the Pacific; Midway. So irritating. Time wasted for the world conquest.

I immediately send my main fleet back to the Pacific.

The remaining of USA is not much.

I send some screen fleet to outside Midway.

2 INF, 2 GAR, 2 TP and 4 MIL ready for deployment.

Doing an Amphibious Assault on Midway.

I sink one UK Transport ship outside East Coast USA.

"Advanced Encryption Device" is finished researching. Next up is "Close Air Support 1940".

Midway is mine. But I used Manchukuo divisions, hehe, so it ended up in my puppets hands.

I can annex.

Done! I annexed USA :D . I did it.

Current IC is at 477 now!
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woohoo. congrats
Congratulations! Invading mainland US looked. like. a. sloooog.... I bet you got #thatfeeling when annex went through :D
From the initial landing battles and encirclements, and before US had built up its army a bit, it was a grind for like 18 months. And the distance is so huge. I am really really glad and proud to have made it. I had a good feeling most of the time, but when you sometimes take and lose the same province like 5 times, it can be really tiring.

What's up next? The USSR rump or UK/commonwealth Middle East/Africa?
I have a plan on changing doctrine to "Superior Firepower", and I will probably not do any fight for close to a year. But, as for what's next, then Germany is the one to beat, but before I do so, I want to take out Soviet Union, which will be my most important goal. Espesically since it is close to my main-island. I don't want to get an early nuke on me.

Other than that, I have a secondary objective of taking all of America, both Mexico, Central- and South-America. I think I will then puppet Brazil and Argentina because I want a puppet to produce some garrison units for me. I also want to take all islands that are in the Pacific, and the Falkland Islands, and then become the supreme ruler of the Pacific Ocean.
Post USA war immidiate changes and re-deployment of troops.
25th March 1944 - 27th March 1944

I immidiatately abandon the "Light Infantery" Land Doctrine, because it is not going anywhere good from here on. The "Light Infantery" peaks at 1942, and here on I am also going to build a lot more of brigaded INF divisions.


When abandoning the doctrine, I also have to abandon "Armor Division Formation" because there is some requirement of technology going on.

I am also cancelling two ARM divisions I have in production, to be sure nothing bad happens. They are only 6% done, so not much IC wasted.

I also cancel the research of "Close Air Support 1940" to be able to rearch to Land Doctrine.

Here is a screen shot from "Landdoctrines" document in "Modding Documentation" folder in the game files. Showing the diffence in "Effective Org" and "Morale" between the different Land Doctrines. "Effective Organization" would be something like the maximum Organization a division can have, and "Morale" would be how fast the divisions regains Organization. There are also other bonuses to the different doctrines.

I am going to pick "Superior Firepower" as it comes out really good on "Effective Organization", and I know it is "the best doctrine".

In 1949 with "Modern Branch Interoperability" it gets 90% "Ground Defense Efficiency" which is really good for keeping the Manpower losses small. And probably good for combat also (don't remember).

A complete list of my land divisions. My plan is to re-organize my divisions into corps of 3 instead of 2 as I prepare for war on Germany. I will also need a lot more INF divisions to be able to hold any sort of line.

Current production. I shorten some Convoy Transport, MTN and INF to free up production. I am going to focus upgrading the divisions I have, and research the 1945 technology before I produce a lot more of INF divisions. As for MTN divisions I will probably not do more future production. I also add Motorised series into production as I am going over to 3 divisions in each corps. And I am adding 3 Battlecruisers and 6 Carriers into production to strengthen my navy.

Some UK fleet with at least one division. I sink 3 Transport ships and destroy a division.

Doing some deals to exchange supplies with money.

Chaning minister to get better research time.

Also chaning a minister to instead of getting org regain bonus, I get manpower bonus. Since I am not doing any fighting now.

Investing in "National Research" to get rid of the dissent, and help out the researching. I have a lot of technologies to research, and getting some blueprints would help out a lot also.

Rebasing basicilly all my ships (except a few TP and SS) to West Coast USA so I can re-organize the fleets.

I am also "Strategic Redploying" most of the INF, and all of MTN, MOT and ARM in USA, to the West Coast so I can transport them over to Asia. I will keep the CAV and some INF in USA for now, and the MAR will also be doing missions in America. I also "Strategic Redeployed" quite some MIL and some INF around to better garrison USA.
2nd April 1944 - 16th April 1944

"Carrier Task Force" finishes researching. Next up I really need to focus on rearching Aircraft technologies. Multi-Role Fighters is the way of the future to win any offensive air war, so I set full focus on researching it.

Taking out the one partisan division I have in my territorities.

Success. And no fighting going on.

The two INF divisions at Midway lose strength to Attrition, so I send some transports to get them out of there.

I guess I need to be a bit faster on conquring Soviet Union, because Germany just declared war on them themselves.

Germany intelligence report.

Soviet Union intelligence report.
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A great deal of re-organisation needed.
18th April 1944 - 17th May 1944

I transfer to escort/abandon all older ships, except BBs and CVs, that have a speed of under 30. Maybe around 12-15 DDs, CLs and CAs.

Also a few old BCs.

Venezuela is trying to attack Ciduad de Panama from the sea. I send a fleet to intercept their landing fleet.

Transporting the Man'chu INF divisions that where losing attrition at Midway, back to Nagoya.

"Firepower Focus Doctrine" finished researching. Next up is "Superior Firepower Doctrine".

Results of investments in National Research is here. I get two blueprints; "Advanced Destroyer" and "Strategic Bomber 1939". The latter I have almost finished researching already, but the Destroyer (1945) technology will come in handy as I will research it quite soonish.

My main fleet is intercepting the Venezuelan landing fleet outside in Gul of Darien. I sink a transport with a division right away.

I manage to sink 5 more Venezuelan transports, and their fleet has to retreat.

Finished researching "Strategic Bomber 1939", next up is "Strategic Bomber 1942", and I want to get the 1945 technology also. I want to invest heavy into Strategic Bombers and Multi-Role Fighters. And also make some Close Air Support Bombers and Interceptor Fighters.

Focusing in making supplies, so I can trade supplies for money.

Finished researching "Isotope Separation Facility", and next up is "Nuclear Fuel Analysis", it is a 1941 technology, so I am a bit behind I feel.

I now can make Nuclear Reactor size 1, which I set into production.

Oman is released as a puppet from United Kingdom.

I have finished re-organizing my fleet. Here is my complete new fleet, except a few transports and a few submarines. I will get more new ships, with 8 new CAs, 2 BBs and 4 CVs quite soon. I think I will split up my fleet a bit more, and maybe do 4 CVs in each fleet, with 4 CAs and 12 DDs. Because no other nation has more than 1-2 CVs in total. The BBs and BCs (when they are finished) I will put into a special fleet to support naval landings/land battles. I will also produce quite some more DDs.

I got blueprint for "Superior Firepower Doctrine" (from Thailand which is my puppet). Really nice.

I have forgot to annex Nepal, which I do. I also make several deals trading supplies for money.

I set into production infrastructure in this line in the north from Persia to China. It is mostly at 10% (1 province with 40%), and I put into production 2 levels more giving it 30% when finished.

I wish I put into production that infrastructure a bit before, but first level finishes in the spring of 1945.

"Carrier Air Group 1943" finishes researching, next up is "1943 Naval Infantry Division".
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18th May 1944 - 24th August 1944

Transporting Mountain divisions from west-coast US to South-Korea.

I am also rebasing my main fleet and some transports to Halifax, so I can defend Iceland, which I don't want to lose. Iceland is a perfect base for attacking UK/Europe.

Trading some supplies for money.

Investing in National Research.

"Superior Firepower Doctrine" finished researching, next up is "Delay Doctrine" next down the doctrine tree.

I have transported quite some divisions into China already. I am also transporting some Milita divisions from Japan to USA.

Got blueprint for "Flying Bomb Developement" and "1943 Naval Infantry Division".

I am turning on production for "Upgrades" again (instead of focusing on "Supplies").

New technology; "Multi-Role Fighter 1938", next up I am researching "Multi-Role Fighter 1940".

Moving my main fleet to defend Iceland from naval landings.

My IC is at 510, while Germany has 59
2. I have cheaper upgrades though (because of slider more to free market), so I would say we are quite equal.

The front between Axis and Soviet Union still looks like a stalemate, which is good for me because I have not yet my divisions ready for attacking Soviet Union.

Germany intelligence report. 392 INF, 18 ARM, 40 Fighters and 49 Bombers. The ultimate enemy.

Soviet Union intelligence report.

Units ready for deployment; 2 INF, 2 GAR, 4 MTN, 4 MP-brigades and 2 TP.

Finished researching "Delay Doctrine", next up is "Mobilde Defense Doctrine", which I already have the blueprint for (thanks to Thailand which is my puppet).

Current partisan map of USA. I need to make more Milita with MP-brigades.

I have lots of spare IC, so I set into production 30 Milita in series of 2. I also attach to them the Military-Police brigade.

I got the Theoretical Breakthrough for "Practical Turbojet Engine". Which is really nice, as I need the technology for getting many of the Aircraft technologies from 1944 onwards.

"Circular Front-Line Supply System" finished researching. Next up is "Practical Turbojet Engine".

Transporting a garrison to Reykjavik; 1 GAR and 1 MIL (the last GAR is being placed on Greenland).

I set into production 4 more Carriers. Even though I maybe don't need so many, then the production time is so long, and I want to have many fleets to be able to really control the seas.

Lost two Submarines outside East-Africa.

Soviet Union is attacking into Axis territority.

I have a garrison at Reykjavik, I also set into production all these province upgrades; Infrastructure, Naval base, Air base, Anti-aircraft guns and Radar station. Reykjavik will be my main naval base for my inital attack on United Kingdom.
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24th August 1944 - 15th November 1944

United Kingdom landed some divisions(s) on Dutch Harbour, and took the province from me. I will try to take it back fast.

United Kingdom intelligence report. They only have 1 CV.

I send 4 INF divisions from South-Korea to do an Amphibous Assault on Dutch Harbour.

"Mobile Defense Doctrine" finished researching, next up is "Stand Off Doctrine" which I also got a blueprint for (thanks to Thailand which is my puppet).

Finished researching "Advanced Medium Tank", next up is "Advanced Destroyer" which I got a blueprint for.

Moving my main fleet to outide Dutch Harbour to support my naval landing.

"1943 Naval Infantry Division" finished researching, next up is "1945 Combat Engineer Brigade".

Attack on Dutch Harbour is undeway. United Kingdom has landed one armoured division defending the province.

"Strategic Bomber 1942" finished researching, next up is "Strategic Bomber 1945".

Victory in the attack on Dutch Harbour.

I am upgrading infrastrcture on these provinces so they all get to 40% (a few already have 40%+).

I also add one more series to the infrastructure I put into production earlier, so these provinces also get 40%.

"Multi-Role Fighet 1940" is finished researching, next up is "Multi-Role Fighter 1943".

Still looks like Soviet Union is doing alright against the Axis forces.

I put my Nuclear Reactor to Nagasaki. Because I want it at my main-island, and I did not want to put it north because of bad infrastructure, or at a province with a beach.

I put into production of Anti-Aircraft Guns and Radar Station to Nagasaki, to defend the Nuclear Reactor. I also put into production better infrastructure.

The 30 first Milita divisions with MP-brigades are ready for deployment. There will come 30 more in December.

"Stand Off Doctrine" finished researching. Next up is "Intergrated Support Doctrine", which I don't have any blueprint for (I guess Thailand has not research it yet).

I am Amphibious Assaults on UK islands outside Miami and Cuba. I have 6 Marines on the mission, and they will just take island after island. There are many of them.

The Soviet Union and Axis front. Soviet Union has some provinces (and maybe divisions?) encircled in Kaukasus.

"Advanced Destroyer" finished researching. Next up is "Mass Produced Pnicillin" to maybe help a bit on the manpower, I probably can't get enough of that if I get into war with Germany

I put into production 10 Destroyers in series of 1 without any attachments (since I have 10 ASW in deployment), and 24 Destroyers in series of 2, to give me enough screens for 4 CV fleets (and 1 BB/BC/CV fleet).

The first infrastructure i set into production has finished their first level.

Looks like Axis are advancing now into Soviet Union, so I am going to go for the attack.

My front line looks like this. In the blue circle, I have grouped all my Motrised and Armoured divisions.

And this.

And this.

My main attack with Motorised and Armoured divisions are going through the path of the green arrows. This is because of these are all high infrastrastructure provinces with mostly 50% infra. There are also no divisions defending the border, as there is in Mongolia, and Xinjang (which I am also going to attack). My goal is to take as much as possible of the western parts of Soviet Union before Germany does so.

I have my Mountain divisions to the west, and my Infantry divisions to the east. Mongolia and Xinjang, I am going to attack them straight on with only Mountain divisions attacking Xinjang.

To the east, my goal is to just take as much land as possible.

I declare war on Soviet Union.

I also declare war on Xinjiang as I want to attack through them into Soviet Union.

Diplomacy map mode, showing Friendly and Enemy territority.
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The Siberian front is going to be hell with its infrastructure.
I am back again. I will first post the 15 or something pictures I have not yet posted, and then I will countinue playing the Soviet war. I took a break from playing Darkest Hour and then this summer I was not gaming at all.

Initial attacks on Soviet Union, Xinjiang and Mongolia.
15th November 1944 - 22nd November 1944

Attacking into Xinjiang and Mongolia (right corner)

More of the attacks into Mongolia. My main attack, with mobile divisions, goes into Soviet province Borzya with the blue circle. It is undefended, and has 50% infrastructure, I will then go west from there, following provinces with good infrastructure.

In the east I attacking on the whole front. Most provinces, except Vladivastok, is undefended.

Victory in the attack on Arvaikheer.

Victory in the attacks on Bayankhongor and Choibalsan.

Victory in the attack on Kashgar, also destroying two Xinjiang divisions, probably GAR divisions because they can't retreat.

Victory in the attack on Vladivostok.

Finished researching "1945 Combat Engineer Brigade", next up is "Semi-Modern Field Artillery".

My mobile divisions have reached Borzya, and sending them west towards Chita.

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War on Soviet Union, Xinjiang and Mongolia.
24th November 1944 - 21st December 1944

Victory in the attack on Qumul, and destroying a Xinjiang GAR division in the attack.

Vladivostok is reinforced by several Soviet divisons, and my attack is not looking good.

I stop the attack on Vladivostok.

My main attack into Soviet Union, is progressing good.

Finished researching "Nuclear Fuel Analysis". Next up is "Experimental Reactor". I am behind on the nuclear research, "Nuclear Power" is a 1944 technology, while I am almost in 1945 now. Forgot to research the nuclear technologies a bit.

Attacking Vladivostok again since the most of the Soviet divisions there moved to Nakodhka.

The amphibious attack on Martinique fails, not sure why.

Blagoveschensk and Kaybyshevka-Vostochnayd are reinforced with 1 Soviet division each. Also Vladivostok is reinforced again with more Soviet divisions.

Stopping the attack on Vladivostok.

Overview of main attack on Soviet Union.

Attackin Vladivostok again as there are only two divisions defending it now.

Attacking Aqsu.

30 MIL divisions have finished production. Will help getting rid of partisan activity.

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Going to take a while to march through Siberia.
Going to take a while to march through Siberia.
I am trying to send my mobile divisions through provinces with good infrastructure, as seen by my invasionplan I posted a few posts earlier. Hopefully I will manage to advance west quite fast, while my MTN and INF divisions advance through the 10% infrastructure provinces of Xinjiang and Mongolia.
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22nd December 1944 to 2nd January 1945

Sending 4 MAR to amphibious assault St Lucia.

Vladivostok is a Victory-Point province, so I have decided to not capture it, this is because it is the only VP-province in the east of Soviet Union, and I want to take as much of Soviet land as possible, and I am afraid that if Germany annexes Soviet Union, they will get the rest of the provinces. I am strategic redeploying a INF division to Nikolsk-Ussurisky.

Transporting 24 mostly MIL division and a few GAR divisions to USA where they will do anti-partisan duty. I also set all the MIL and GAR currently in northern America to anti-partisan duty, and went over setting MIL and other divisions doing the same in China.

Attacking Ulaanbaatar.

Forgot to produce CAGs to my soon finished Aircraft Carriers (CVs). Stupid, but getting 2.5 months delay is not the worst.

Also adding into production some more Convoy Transports. Don't want to run out of them.

Victory in the attack on Ulaanbaatar.

Transporting 6 GAR and 2 puppet INF to Korea, I can use them to defend the front line against Soviet Union in the east.

My main attack into Soviet Union is going good. No resistance so far. I am following provinces with good infrastrcture, mostly 50%.

Rebasing my Shore Bombardment fleet to Miami, to defend the waters from UK ships.

Attacking Ekimchan and Khabarovsk.

Attacking Vladivostok to get the Soviet divisions there to retreat. I don't want to take the province, because it is a VP-province, and don't want Germany to annex Soviet Union.

Finished researching Land Doctrine "Integrated and Support Doctrine", and researching next up "Regimental Combat Teams" further down the Superiour Firepower doctrine tree.

The port in Miami is being air bomarded by two UK CVs, my interceptors there intercept the attack. No ships in the port which is good.

Victory in the attack on Aqsu.

St. John's I need to conquer. I think maybe it under Italian control just recently, and that is why I don't own the province.

Rebasing landing fleet 2 to Miami. I have been preparing on the attack on Mexico with putting troops on the border, mostly (motorised) CAV divisions. I also have 6 MAR and 4 CAV in Miami ready to launch an amphibious assault into Mexico to capture it quickly.

Strategic redeploying the GAR and puppet INF divisions I transported from the main islands.

Adding into production AA attachment to the CVs and BBs soon finished production.

Also adding into production capital ship radar.

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