Its time to release a new expansion for Planetfall

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This game is special and unique, an instead of leaving it, I would like to see a new expansion with any theme
Please, don't leave this game behind without more content because is very special and still has the potential to attract new buyers.
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While I would gladly buy one or two more expansions for this game, they are finished with this game. AOW 4 1st DLC is all ready out with 3 more to go. And after that Planetfall would be to old to return to it.
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Even though I'd also like new content to happen, it won't.
Only possibility and viability from a business perspective I could see would be some sort of "next gen" / "definitive edition" style treatment, that includes new content.
Maybe we could get that after all the AoW4 DLC is out.
I also have little faith the game will evolve. I think it’s as good as it’s going to get. Whatever happens now will probably be like the Reavers, a fairly mid new race with strained mechanics.

We’ll see. I mean they did come out with crafting. That was ok.
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+1 I would buy a new DLC or even a Season Pass in an instant.
I still believe that there is some room for a DE kind of DLC, which will encapsulate all of this game's glory.
Just like the Green Planet (?) for Surviving Mars.