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Feb 23, 2018
I just finished this game and have so strong feelings and i wish to release them,but it's a feedback so i will wrote some most weak points from my point of view.First of all sorry if you don't understand something English isn't my native but i will try my best.My experience was really tough because the loading was VERY VERY VERY LOOOOONG(For example i was waiting few hours(HOURS CARL!!) in the Lethian's Crossing) but it was worth it.(remark: i have really ancient PC(athlon 64 x2,geforce 8600,ram 2gb and most likely it is a cause.)
World and lore.It's really great work.I wish give a handshake those people who created this world.In Tyranny world is a cruel place where deaths,torture,blood are the usual bussines.Place where you are obey to Kyros or die.But i like it more than world with unicorn,bold knight and princess in the tower.
Magic.Sigils the best.That's all.
Story.The most strong point of story(from my point of view,of course) it's a main character.In Tyranny MC really have power and authority.His is the Fatebinder and even the Archonts recognize his authority.In the debate he has the main role, your decision will be decide who from the Archont's most fit for the Tiers or maybe you think you are better fit than all of them?It's your game and your choice.
Companions.They are not so simple.Looks like good and faithful but they knives always ready to сut your throat from back but unfortunately they not so deep like,for example, in POE.(but companions and whole game have one BIG cons but it is for a later).
Letters.It's not so big,but i really love this feature.Unfortunately the game don't have much of them.
Game have more pros but i think it's the biggest from them.
The whole game have one big cons in every aspect and i can describe it with one word - short.Then civil war has began i was think that now will begin the real game.And that do you think?I only started and then the game end's.When you begin war with the Archont you even can't feel it.It looks like simple quests in rpg's like kill eight rats or something like that.POE had really good battle for Caed Nua, but i'm fight with the Archonts, the most powerful creatures(they reached level of human and now they creatures) after Kyros,who have really large and powerful forces but i don't feel it, except Tunon(he is really powerful without army and he is the judge not the warchief) and Bleden Mark(he is the assasin).The point of the story where you became Archont must be the place where the game only has started.Where my fight with Kyros? Where Kyros herself (yes,herself:))?Where the other Archonts?For the all continent five - six isn't a big number,but they seems like most powerful units of Kyros and she send them into the Tires?I don't know she is so powerful what she even don't fear the betrayal her stronges unit or she is just stupid.And the balance.Because game is short, when you meet Archonts you already are so strong that you can destroy Kyros and her army alone even without companions.

I have more to say but there are already wall of the word so i won't continue.All what i want to say is:
God bless Obsidian.
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