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Jun 27, 2020
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Hello there!

I've tried playing the game but could not cope with the difficulty level even on easiest difficulty setting. Yes, I know. I'm a filthy casual yadda yadda - please refrain from name calling?

In order to give myself as a player more options how to deal with the problems my colony faces I installed some of Silva's Mods and EllaCharmed's Resource Factory Mod.

I then started a new game with all of the mods installed. Saved it after some progress. Came back to it today.

Loading the modded savegame from yesterday caused the following issues:

1.) All my specialists were gone. Erased from the game completely. I researched the issue and only came up with forum discussions that concluded that this issue should be fixed by now.

2.) All of Silva's modded buildings were missing from the build menu, but still present on the map where I had placed them. Clicking on them revealed that they had text issues. Their naming was off. Instead of "Shanty" there was a code such as HEX_SHANTY_HOUSE_XYZ.

3.) Reloading the save again after making sure that all mods were properly installed led to even weirder results: Now all modded buildings were completely missing from the map. My colonists frozen in place. My specialists all gone.

All my unmodded savegames were working fine, so I assume this is an issue with mods. I tried to only use the Resource Factory Mod and none else, but got the same results.

Does anybody have any idea what I can do? I could not continue my last unmodded save because my whole colony site had run out of metal, and I had not yet researched far enough into the tech tree to unlock extractors. No metal on the world map, either... and no trade partners to buy metal from. So my colony has grinded to a full stop and is being slowly decimated by catastrophes, without much I can do about it.


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Jan 11, 2020
Modding can be hit or miss, chum. You probably have a glitch caused by what's called a mod conflict, where files clash and things happen. For example, in Fallout 4, certain mods result in items and whatnot saying LOOKUP FAILED!. That's the result of a mod conflict.

It looks like you narrowed a glitch down to a specific mod, so you may need to ask @Silva Creaturae to attempt to recreate the glitch to begin diagnosing the problem. If they (idk honorific) reach out to you, I suggest describing exactly what happened in detail. You have done so already, true, but the best I know about coding is, you must be very specific. I know some programmers speak to rubber ducks to ensure quality work, its bewildering.

I should also note compiling code takes time, so fixing it may take a while. As for me, I can not code to save my life, but I can experiment with mods. Paradox Launcher seems to have a mod manager.

@Joanna_ifs (and any other devs) Have your team considered Nexus Mods and Vortex Mod Manager? You guys should look these sites up, get your game integrated with them.


Iceflake Studio Developer
Oct 23, 2019

Sorry to hear about your trouble with the mods @DansonDelta40 . While I can't really help with the mods, I would really be interested in hearing your feedback regarding the balance in the game. Did you start off your colony in the pregame selections with the easiest, the medium or the hardest difficulty settings?

@Ps2nic I don't believe we have considered these yet, but I'll bring them up to the table the next time we are talking about mods. Unfortunately we haven't really had the time to focus on the mods as much as we would have wanted :(


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Jan 11, 2020
Eh, its fine. Priority goes to the main game. Nexus could help yours and Paradox Games' game longevity though.