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Mar 10, 2015
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There are some thing that seem very odd to me with the kingdom creation decisions:

1) The AI never enacts the decision to create Leon. I have consistently played for decades and decades on different campaigns, well beyond the ai_check_interval for the decision and it will never do so. The strangest thing is that if I reduce the ai_check_interval to a low number it willl work and be enacted almost immediately. I have no idea what's going on. Also, maybe include a prestige requirement or something for the player since right now it's just a silly decision you will take always on the 2nd of January.

2) Point 1 creates a bigger problem. Asturias is not included in the Reconquista de jure drift events. So the AI cannot benefit from them. Fortunately the fix is very easy as it can be resovled with a simple copypaste. I hope this gets fixed on the next release wether or not point 1 gets fixed too.

3) Portugal and Castile have a weird difference. Portugal can be created by the king of Asturias at any point. However the king of Asturias can't create Castile and the king of Leon must wait for 15 years since the creation of Leon. I don't understand this at all. Castile's decision should be replaced by a copypaste of Portugal's. If someone from the modding team reads this I would appreciate an explaination for this point in particular.

4) Previous points where request for easy fixes, but I would also like to include a suggestion to mod a decision around e_spain. Just having to hold Toledo and be a certain size is quite boring.
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