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Is there a patch that delays the initial swarm of serpents, or that provides extra cash at the outset?

I've started this mission over and over (~12-15 times). Only three times have I managed build a guild before the serpents swarm the map and start destroying all the buildings. (And only twice have the heroes killed off the southern swarm of serpents to get the economy semi-stable to then start the mission proper).

(I have built to the south.
I've tried :
- only building one guild.
- upgrading the castle then building one guild
- upgrading the castle and building a guild at the same time.
- building a rogues guild, so that the build is fast
- building a hall of heroes
- building a tower, then a guild

I just want the chance to know that I'll at least get to the stage where there are heroes when the swarm of serpents shows.

Then I'd like to get to the stage where there are *enough* heroes for the second and subsequent waves of serpents.