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Aug 5, 2015
Archons have these amazing abilities, but in one way or another, they are also crippled. Graven Ashe takes on the wounds himself, and it's clear that he won't be able to take on the burden forever. Tunon is... lost. No one knows what's behind the mask, if there even is something left. Not even Tunon himself. The Voices of Nerat is no longer a man, and he's completely mad. We don't know enough about the Archons, but for now, the only exception seems to be Sirin - although she was forced to use an Artifact by Kyros and Nerat.

Three Archons have their lives shaped by Artifacts: Tunon, Nerat and Sirin. From the stories we hear in the game, all Archons have had extraordinary abilities before they became Archons. For some, artifacts greatly exaggerated their powers. For Sirin, an artifact was used to tone her power down. So we know that how they got to be so strong can differ. I am very suspicious of all artifacts though, especially if Kyros had a hand in making them. One thing is certain: all of them have Kyros' blessing to be Archons, save for one - the Tidecaster. But she is merely called an Archon by others, we haven't seen her powers for ourselves, so the claim might be exaggerated.

Players are called Archon by many (including Kyros), but are we really one? We display none of their weaknesses, and none of their amazing capabilities as well. Our Edict came from the Spire - talented as the PC is, we cannot claim that we ourselves were responsible for it. Claiming the Spire is not as a huge a feat as people make it to be... the only challenge were the Bane, and we already know that there are many in Tiers capable of fighting and defeating Bane - for example, the Beastmen in the Stone Sea have a ritual where they send their mystics-to-be to fight Bane, and a very large number of them. The reason that the Spires have not been activated by someone else is, in my opinion, simply that they are taboo and protected by the law. Most that ventured in died, but most of them went in unprepared or were simply that not smart. The magic or martial skills that we use are common skills that many others in the world can use as well - expect perhaps perks in the Leadership tree, but we don't know if, for example Ashe has those as well.

My thought (and honestly, hope) is that Kyros named us Archon for one singular reason - to take us down and teach the world a lesson. I don't think that the PC was ready to be called an Archon just yet.

The selling point of this game was that evil won. I hope that OE has more in store for us than just another power fantasy storyline where we are THE CHOSEN ONE meant to defeat (or help) evil.


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Nov 27, 2016
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I disagree. People's believes shaped Exarchs (would-be Archons) and artifacts into what they are and the PC is a perfect example of it, just look at the fractions' and companions' combo abilities.