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Oct 2, 2005
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Hello forumites

Official patch 1.03 : http://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/showthread.php?752835-Patch-1.03-available-here!!


###### Patch 1.03 - HoI2 - Iron Cross

#### addons

- You can create a convoy from the map. Select the province, and press s (supplies) or r (resources) (arma version)
- Central Planning have a bonus in reinforcement time : position 0-> 75%, 1-> 50% and 2-> 25% (arma version)
- You can update the division in production panel (arma version)
- You can increase size in production panel (arma version)
- You can change the flag of a country with command :  (arma version)
     command = { type = local_setflag which = newflag value = X } ## X is number (1-99), files : flag_TAG_X.bmp shield_TAG_X.bmp and counter_TAG_X.bmp (and gfx\skins\TAG_X)
- 'Return exp.forces' button can send units to the province's owner  (arma version)
- Right-click over up/down in production panel send to top/end the production (arma version)
- You can 'don't reinforce buildings' (if you are playing with the option 'Regain building uses IC reinforcement') (arma version)
- Economic map : show convoys with arrows (arma version)
- Added moddir support. You can select the mod in ironcross_setup (like DH) (arma version)
- You can change HoS (+50dissent) and HoG (+25dissent) (arma version)
- Disband transport : +20 convoys, disband destroyer: +5 escorts (arma version)
- Added option : Build in allied province: in war, you can build in allied provinces (except industry, rocket and nuclear). Right click over the allied province and select the building.
- Added 'leader traits' filter (arma version)
- Added 'Air mission in province' button (arma version)
- Division info (obsolete model) : letter U (upgrade) and the upgrade progress (arma version)
- Added color info in diplomacy panel (arma version)
- Naval bombers have more losses in naval combat (arma version)
- Puppets send directly supplies to the master (>1000 supplies)  (arma version)
- Inventions events accept 'persistent = yes' (arma version)
- Unit info : if your unit has 'hq region/area' bonus, your unit show a special image (arma version)
- Added 'Oil conversion' button (arma version)
- Performance optimization : Peace -> 10% , War -> 81% (compared with ic 1.02) (arma version) 
- Added option : Show terrain info (arma version)
- Added option : Amph.assault/Sea transport : land units lose organization (arma version)
- Added option : Deactivate Abandon doctrine (arma version)
- Added option : AI don't research nuclear techs (arma version)
- Air combat : added speed bonus (arma version)

#### general

- Puppets send directly the resources to the master (arma version)
- If the AI don't have manpower to produce, use the IC in supplies (arma version)
- Fixed some errors with the AI (constructions deployment) (arma version)
- Fixed : ports -> only can be deployed in provinces with ports (arma version)
- Fixed : resources convoys from provinces of others countries (arma version)
- Fixed : AI-> accumulates lot of units in some provinces (arma version)
- Improved path algorithm (arma version)
- Improved strategic redeployment (arma version)
- Improved AI units selection for invasions (arma version)
- Revised AI production
- Improved AI sliders when don't have manpower (arma version)
- Improved upgrade info in statistics (arma version)
- Added option in ironcross_setup : Port size limits the supply capacity (arma version)
- Production panel : units shows produced % (arma version)
- Fixed: units with brigade (via event) (arma version)
- Fixed: you can gain Blitzer trait in combat with Breakthrough (arma version)
- Puppet regime (via event) change more ministers (arma version)
- Fixed a problem with exp. units when upgrade the division (arma version)
- IronCross_setup show checksum game
- Fixed: moddir in multiplayer (arma version)
- 'Start year limit' reduced to 1 (arma version)
- Fixed a problem with ScreenSave.bmp in moddir (arma version)
- Fixed a problem with ai files in moddir (arma version)
- Annex : the country don't gain supplies (arma version)
- Trigger: ispuppet -> -1 then it's for country receiving event (arma version)
- Increased performance (arma version)
- Multiplayer optimization (arma version)
- Fullscreen : the game don't stop, if you go to windows (arma version)
- Improved convoy system (arma version)
- Capturing the enemy capital: you gain 10% of the supplies (before 25%) (arma version)
- Puppets don't help with resources to the master (arma version)
- Improved supplies algorithm (arma version)
- Division info show the current oil/supply consumption (arma version)
- Work with AoD 1.08
- AI/'Auto send convoys' -> islands with allied units, send supply convoys (arma version)
- Allies continue sending blueprints (arma version)
- Improved command 'set_leader_skill which = -1' -> only active leaders gain skill (arma version)
- Fixed AI : build coastal forts in provinces without beach (arma version)
- Fixed AI : launch invasion in provinces without port (arma version)
- Improved special plates (arma version)
- Fixed a problem with sleepleader/wakeleader commands (china liberation without leaders) (arma version)
- Air units can be upgraded when are flying (arma version)
- Optimized AI sliders and production (arma version)
- Improved auto trade system (arma version)
- Improved 'auto supply' convoy system -> detect: blocked ports, convoys to the same zone, ports with more capacity (arma version)
- DH 1.3rc1 & rc2 & 1.3 adapted
- Improved 'sleepteam' command (arma version)
- AI : build naval brigades (arma version)
- Fixed a ctd with exp. forces (arma version)
- If you have a tech with blueprint, the game don't show the blueprint icon (arma version)
- Air Units shows average speed (arma version)

#### text

- Fixed some tutorial texts
- Fixed Savonlinna

#### AI

- Improved ger in sov-ger war
- Revised DDay
- Revised garrison : JAP
- Revised pacific invasion : JAP
- Revised Atlantic Wall events

#### db

- Revised some errors in provinces.csv
- Revised 'Monthly Nationalism reduction'
- Revised IND revolt.txt (removed Goa)
- Revised tech teams: GER(names)
- Added leaders : RSI,GER,FRA,VIC,SLO,RUS
- Naval Exceeding Max Command Limit Mod : -95%
- Revised id tech teams : U70-U99,MEN,UCS,UES,U01,U08,U09,U49
- Added manpower : JAP, KOR, Indonesia, SYR
- Revised fort position : Puerto Princesa
- Revised China-Nanjing (Japanese puppet)
- Reduced manpower costs : industry, radar, airbase, navalbase, infra
- Strategic doctrine and Operational doctrine actives capital Hq and regional Hq (arma version)

#### techs

- Revised heavy tank requirements
- 'Dispersed logistics' : added hq supply bonus
- Naval tech : HC 20.000tn -> added requirement : 138,000hp Naval Engine
- Naval tech : BC 42.000tn -> added requirement : 380mm
- 'AA 64mm' : added requirement '88mm/380mm'
- (Naval doctrine) Added effects : Port protection, Invasion Operation, Combined Fleet
- Revised secret weapons requirements
- Revised 'Industry','Mining' and 'Manpower' (Policy Conquest)

#### units

- Revised HQ (dh and aod version)
- Revised MBT I
- Revised Air defence and air attack in Frigate and Advanced Frigate
- Revised Naval Bomber
- Revised 'naval anti air' brigades
- Reduced convoy and escort production time
- Increased convoy and escort size (20)
- Revised AA-light cruiser speed
- Revised naval units models : ENG,FRA,USA,JAP,GER,ITA,SOV
- Increased battlecruiser speed

#### events

- CHI: surrender event revised
- Added new events to control puppets (arma version)
- Revised new features events : CHI,CHC,HUN,ROM and little countries
- Revised USA events (join the allies)
- Revised romania surrender event
- Revised rep.spain events in SCW battlescenario
- Revised Yug coup event
- Belgium gain free ic with surrender event
- Revised Free FRA
- If war usa-jap and not war usa-ger, more lend-lease events
- GER: added war declaration to usa
- CHC: added event when have ic > 71 (reduce research mod)
- SPA,SPR : added 'Return of occupied provinces'
- Puppets : have a penalty in supplies production (-90%)
- Removed 'Cooperation Agreement' events
- USA : if you research 'Wartime Industrial Base', you lost WPA event and 50% of New Deal events
- Fixed : BEL,HOL move their capital back to europe after germany has been defeated
- Revised 'middle east' surrender events
- Fixed ctd in 1942: MEX->325014 'Sinking of Mexican ships'
- Redesigned JAP surrender events
- German rearmament event : increased manpower
- Revised Waffen-SS events
- GER : 'Foreign volunteers' events added
- NZL : added mobilization events
- Revised 'Lend-Lease' : ENG,SOV
- GER : improved 'Four Year Plan' event
- Revised Decolonization events
- Added new events : JAP
- Revised JAP garrison units
- ENG: lend-lease events, you need 50 manpower
- Added mobilization events
- Fixed : Dieppe event
- Revised German-Scandinavian Non-Aggression Pacts
- Revised dissent in holidays
- 'Marxist Economy' deactivate 'New Deal' events
- Revised 'Invest resources' events

#### gfx

- Added new images
- Added new tech teams images
- Added new provinces images
- Fixed some wrong images
- Revised naval models : UK,USA,GER,ITA,JAP,SOV,FRA
- Fixed cas,naval bomber,tactical bomber,interceptor,transport plane sprites

#### scenario

- Added china warlords
- Fixed some errors in tutorial
- All scenarios : Revised cag model : USA,JAP,ENG,FRA
- ENG : guarantees the independence of the Netherlands and Belgium
- FRA : guarantees the independence of Belgium
- JAP : revised techs and sliders
- Revised units, techs, infra, teams: Abyss and Armageddon 
- Revised selectable countries - 1939 scenario

#### map

- Added connection: Strait of Tartary
- Revised Vistula river
- Fixed connection Taroom-Walgett (Australia)
- Fixed Binghamton
- Revised 'West Hawaiian Rise'
- Revised Lille, Valenciennes


Facebook : Facebook Page

Twitter : Twitter Page

Paradox group : Iron Cross
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Ingeniero del HoI2
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Oct 2, 2005
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Ingeniero del HoI2
10 Badges
Oct 2, 2005
  • Arsenal of Democracy
  • Hearts of Iron II: Armageddon
  • Deus Vult
  • Divine Wind
  • Heir to the Throne
  • Europa Universalis III Complete
  • Iron Cross
  • Europa Universalis III Complete
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Working in 1.04
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