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Jan 13, 2002
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If you do not know what IRC is, it's a chat client. You can download mIRC at www.mirc.com or www.mirc.org. It's not a very big program, and it demands hardly any memory. When you have downloaded and installed, add this server: irc.quakenet.org. Call it whatever you want, I just call it Quakenet. Then fill out the information about your name (you don't have to write autenthic stuff, mine just has an URL in it) E-mail and nickname. The nickname is the name which you will be seen as when you connect. Now press connect. When connected, write /join #paradoxgames . Then you should be connected. For now there are not many people in the room, so please do not give the room up, because there are not many people in it. Hopefully there will soon be more people around!

Years ago, I still remember when I got started on the Paradox forums. There was always activity on the old irc channel (which sadly will die soon, that´s why we decided to open a new one), and you could always find lively discussions about paradox games or other issues. In fact, it was where I made my first friends within the community!
I just wanted to point out to Tracid and perhaps those that might have forgotten that the old Paradox channel, #europauniversalis on quakenet, is still alive and has been kept alive by a few staunch belivers for years - I had no idea it was about to die soon, thanks for telling us! :)

To all of you, feel free to drop by. If you catch us in a chatty mood we can tackle everything from a broken truce to a broken heart. You're welcome too Simon! And Gryph, would you please change the topic next time you show up. :)


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Aug 29, 2001
Vricklund said:
#europauniversalis on quakenet, is still alive and has been kept alive by a few staunch belivers for years -

I question your definition of alive, sir. :p