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This guide shows a quick way to navigate around the various character and diplomacy screens in Sengoku. Much of this information is spread around the Manual but I thought it would be helpful to include a quick guide here.

First some terminology. The three land areas and their titles:
  • Kori - single province - Title: Kokujin
  • Kuni - larger area can contain 1 or more Kori - Title: Daimyo
  • Demense - largest area containing 1 or mor Kuni - Title: Clan Leader

Kori Options

Click on any Kori (province) and you will see who rules that province. You can get any of the three options, a Clan Leader may rule it directly, it may be rules by a Daimyo, or it may be ruled by a Kokujin. In the example below (Figure A) the province is ruled by a Daimyo which you can tell from the bar across the top of his picture (the top center is empty as are the sides and bottom).

Figure A

Figure B

The three arrows in Figure B indicate three clickable areas which take you to different options.
  • Green arrow - takes you to the character sheet for the character pictured - Figure C
  • Red arrow - takes you to diplomacy for that character (this icon will only appear if the leader is in a different clan than his Liege) - Figure D
  • Blue arror - takes you to diplomacy for the Clan Leader of the Demesne - Figure E

Figure C

Figure D

Figure E

Note that you can also Right Click the character's portrait to get some different options (Figure F)

Figure F

The upper left corner (Figure G) is probably the most valuable and the one you'll use most often. It takes you to the location of the character and will highlight his home province on the map. This is great for when you are navigating subordinates under a Clan Leader and you want to find out where they rule.

Figure G

The upper right corner (Figure H) is one that you don't need to use too often since the character's diplomacy is easily accessible by merely clicking the mini dynasty icon under the main clan icon. However, if you are looking at a character who is in the same dynasty as the clan leader, he will not have a mini icon so you will need to rt-click to access his diplomacy menu. The other way to go to diplomacy for an individual character is to open his character sheet and click the clan icon adjacent to his portrait (discussed later).

Figure H

The bottom left corner (Figure I) is one that you will never use. The exact functionality is available by merely clicking the character's portrait so why go through the hassle of rt-click then clicking on that little circle.

Figure I

The bottom right corner (Figure J) toggles messaging for this character.

Figure J

Character Options

When you click on the character and open the main character sheet in the upper left you have several similar diplomacy accessibility options (Figure K). Note that you can also access the full court of the character as well as the Liege from this screen, however you CANNOT access the Clan Leader's diplomacy from this screen as you could from the Kori view.

Figure K

  • Red arrow - If you click on the mini dynasty icon next to the characters on the right (vassals and court), you will be taken directly to their individual character diplomacy screen.
  • Blue arrow - oddly, Paradox decided not to maintain consistency in their User Interface and the blue arrow does NOT take you to the diplomacy page for the character whose clan you are clicking - the blue arrow icon does nothing at all.
  • Green arrow - this icon takes you to the CHARACTER diplomacy sheet for the character pictured - another inconsistency in the UI since you are clicking on the clan icon of the clan leader and not the clan icon of the character pictured.

Map Options

There are three map options which are most helpful for diplomacy. First is the Clans Map with which you are likely already familiar. This shows the regions occupied by each Clan Leader. A more detialed map for diplomacy is the next map down, the Demesne Map (Figure L). If you click the Demesne Map Mode and select any Kori, you will see how many Kori are directly controlled by the same character (highlighted in green) and any other provinces indirectly controlled by that leader. In Figure L, the leader is a Daimyo and controls 5 provinces (1 directly in green, 2 by his Kokujin in tan, and 2 by his Kokujin in dark brown). Figure M shows the Clan Leader who directly controls 5 provinces in green as well as several others through Daimyos and Kokujin.

Figure L

Figure M

The last map option I want to mention is the Relationship Map Mode (Figure N). This map mode is fantastic for plotting as well as assessing dangers in your own clan. Click around the map to find Kokujin and Daimyos who are unhappy with their Liege and start to work your magic. Provinced with a positive opinion of the Kori leader selected will be green. Those with a negative opinion will be red.

Figrue N