Interesting edge-of-map spawn point behaviour

Interesting edge-of-map spawn point behaviour

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Apr 23, 2020
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Running the 81-tile-unlock mod, I've got three highway spawn/despawn points at the map edges. If you look closely, clusters of vehicle-less cims accumulate on the edge of the road next to it. They just stand there and eventually despawn.

If you connect the two sides of the highway to give a U-turn, you can put a bus stop and create a line to the nearest public transport option (train, metro etc) and the cims will jump on the bus instead. If they don't, upgrade that bit of the highway to a normal road which will create a proper bus stop as in the pic below.


if you have an intercity bus terminal, you do not have to create a bus line - just put the bus stop there and all spawning intercity buses will stop and fill up with these leftover cims. Cool!